Ambient Lounge® are a Worldwide company and recognised brand, focusing on industry leadership and ground-breaking innovation within the soft furniture category.

The group have successfully transformed the humble (and often maligned) bean bag into inspiring and fashionable designer furniture; inventing and patenting the Funnelweb™ bean filling zip & tip transfer system along the way.

Each Ambient Lounge style and fabric was created by award winning Australian designers with a passion for funky, functional and affordable furniture. Customers and critics agree that Ambient Lounge® bean bags are a paradigm shift in the evolution of bean bags; creating a unique style that has found its way into designer clubs, cafes, penthouses and luxury apartments - as well as student dorms, guesthouses and everyday living spaces.

In today's hectic times we all cherish our diminishing leisure time and quality of life. We at the Ambient Lounge® group hope that we can enhance your standard of living (room) and provide you with the best in visual inspiration and relaxation. You can browse and choose your favourite bean-filled sofa amidst a convenient, comprehensive secure and stress free online ordering environment.

We pledge to continue to design cutting edge lounge pieces with ambient tones and curves that will compliment your home and lives. So whether you are chilling out with a café latte, lost in an enthralling novel, gripped by a DVD thriller or watching you favourite team take home the cup, your Ambient Lounge bean bag is not just the best seat in the house ... but the best seat in the world!!

Enjoy !