Get a Bean Bag armchair ride into the AFL footy finals this September

13 Sep 2011

We're footy mad at the Ambient Lounge office in Melbourne (both the guys and the girls) and it just happens to be a year where all of our staff's teams are in the finals mix with a shot at the flag. If we can't get to the games we plan to set up the big screen TV, the surround sound and lounge out on our designer bean bags with a brew or two sitting atop the Versa Table. There is simply no better seat to watch the footy finals unless you are sitting on the MCG sidelines! If you ask us, this beats a corporate box anyway (and is a hell of a lot cheaper!) and we love being armchair critics without the hassle of squeezing your way through a crowd for overpriced snacks and the prospect of 2 hours trapped in a carpark afterwards ..

So the long season of disparity between top half and bottom half of the ladder is almost over and the AFL heavyweights are finally about to clash in the much anticipated AFL finals series. Collingwood are the clear powerhouse and the magpie army of fans are already claiming back-to-back flags … but the reality is that on their day that any of the top 5 or so sides can beat one another so this will put the finals in a pressure cooker spin. Remember Geelong in 2008 when they only lost one game for the season and lose the Grand Final with poor kicking? Still, it's hard to see Collingwood beaten when their list contains such strength in every department let by midfield generals Pendlebury, Swan and the much improved Thomas. Anything can happen on the day though. Hawthorn have re-emerged this year with extra depth and an exciting fast-paced game of precision football led by the giant of the game Lance 'Buddy' Franklin and the lightning footed Cyril Ryoli, both of aboriginal origin.

The Cats are still there playing their ever-so consistent brand of football with old wise heads that know how to win when it counts and play 15 minutes of 'burst footy' to blow teams away. Steve Johnson and Jimmy Bartel might now be senior citizens in the AFL but they still have the fire for a flag. West Coast are the big surprise of the year coming from a pathetic last in 2010 to explode into the top 4 this year. Having the best ruck duo in the competition (Dean Cox and Nick Natanui) means that a high % of the time their improved midfields get first use of the ball and this means they can be dangerous in September.

Carlton need to come from outside the double chance and have got the 'other bald genius' in Chris Judd and some real pace around the contests with their little men… but might be found out against tall marking forwards. Of the rest, well it's hard to see any of the teams stringing three final wins together against the leagues best but you know that the Saints and the Swans in particular will fight hard an make any opposition team earn a win.

So, bring it on! Let's see the elite vs the elite…. Let's see some close, tough games and let's ride every bump from the comfort of our Butterfly Sofas ;)

Ambient Lounge Bean Bags on Lazy Patch Photo Shoot. Home Comfort to the max.

23 Aug 2011

Ambient Lounge bean bags were recently featured in a photo shoot for the new kids range of Lazy Patch duvet suits.

This kid must be the most comfortable kid in the world snuggling into a beautiful Butterfly Sofa and wrapped in Lazy Patch suit. Look how happy she is! It would be cruel not to pamper your kid in the same way.

You can do it now by visiting the the sites below, and if you do send us in your photos so we can post them up as well.

The best outdoor cinema bean bags

12 Aug 2011

Ambient Lounge has partnered with the largest outdoor cinema companies throughout Australia to provide comfort and luxury to their customers viewing experience. The ambient Lounge bean bags are one of the most durable on the world market and can withstand plenty of punishment making them a terrific addition to the outdoor cinemas product suite. Having bean bags on site available for hire creates a new revenue stream and VIP zone for your discerning customers.

To create your own bean bag area for your next event or to hire bean bags from us please visit one of the two sites below or give us a call on 1300 707 121


Below is an image of the set up using bean bags for an outdoor cinema.



07 Aug 2011
Beanbags are wonderful things; comfortable, portable and affordable, but have you ever tried to fill a bean bag from a bucket? If you have, then you know why many people shy away from the joy of owning one of these wonderfully comfortable products simply because they are impossible to fill without a huge logistical operation and a mess like a bomb-blast! Well, you bean filling haters, those days are over. ambient Lounge products now feature the patented 'Funnelweb' Filling system that eliminates the angst. No more standing in the bath with three people trying to fill a narrow bean bag opening. No more electro-static polystyrene balls clinging to your clothes. Simply zip on teh bag of beans and transfer them in.... WITH NO SPILLAGE! Check it out on the ambient Lounge site. Now you can enjoy the style and comfort of a leading design piece of furniture without the pain. Easy. Simple. Bean bag filling has come of age.

Congratulations Cadel - We Aussies got one over our French distributor!

03 Aug 2011

We're big cycling fans here at Ambient Lounge. With many of our distribution partners located in Europe the banter about how Aussie cyclist are ok on the track but "can't handle the European roads and racing" have been a thorn in our proverbial butts over the past few years. Maxime Lesguillier, our French distributor, once famously said "it's less likely an Australian winning the Tour De France than it would be that Fiji wins the World Cup football". Well we have news for you Max! .... haha.... must be some budding young Ronaldos kicking a ball around the shores of Fiji right now. Cadel's won it! Anything's possible!

What we are trying to say amidst this poorly disguised Aussie boast is that Cadel Evans' ride in the tour De France was inspirational to us all. Many of us sat up (on our comfy Butterfly Sofas) late into the Aussie night to watch him on SBS grind it out up the mountain whilst we sipped a cup of tea and ate another Tim Tam. Great to be a sports critic from the comfort of a bean bag! He did what nobody from the great Phil Anderson to sprint king Stuart O'Grady have been able to do before. Win it.... and confound the French all at the same time. All those years pounding the Black Spur in Victoria and riding the Great Ocean road have paid off.... so we offer a huge congratulations to him, his family and team. What's more, one of our directors actually knows him from another time when he was designing sports equipment. He says that Cadel Evans is a really nice and down to earth bloke.

What's this article got to do with bean bags? Well, not much .. but we thought we would write it anyway. Go Aussie! Can't wait for next year's Olympics.

Move Over Rover - a story of pets, kids, dog beds and moving house.

20 Jul 2011

Gillian and Max recently moved from interstate, but they seem to have a serious problem with their timing. First, they booked their two very old beloved Basset hounds into a kennel while they moved to Melbourne. When the day came, they found that they had mixed up the dates and the Kennel was booked out. After some discussion the owners found a spot, with a small yard and a large but moth-eaten pet bed. Reluctantly they left their ancient mutts, promising them (in doggy words ?) that they would love their new home when they came, which would be complete with the best pet beds that they could find.

Next, they were excited to discover the Ambient Lounge Bean Bag Bed for dogs and ordered two online for delivery asap, complete with micro-bean filling. Three days later they moved to Melbourne to find that the postie had already tried to deliver the pet beds only to find nobody home. They hurried off to the post office and picked up the two dog lounges only to discover on their return that the bean filling van was just pulling out from their driveway. Luckily they caught him before too far. Over the next few days they unpacked and settled the house, with little help from their two children, who had decided that the pet beds were the best 'chill-out' lounges in the house and were reclining in them at every opportunity. By the time the hounds arrived the charming children did not want to give them up to the pooches, only relenting when a totally frustrated Max promised that he would buy them an Ambient Bean bag each. Within a week they had two brand new Ambient Butterfly Loungers gracing their media room, while the two canines sprawled on their dog beds on the balcony. Happiness reigned until they awoke one morning to find one of the pets had passed away peacefully during the night. Sad but not unexpected at sixteen.

But all is on the improve now. They have a brand new puppy, who is lovingly watched over by the remaining hound. The two kids love their Butterfly Loungers (but still steal the pet beds when they are out on the balcony) and Gillian & Max have decided that they too must join the 'bean-bag' club and are deciding whether to buy a Twin Lounger or two more Butterfly Sofa beanbags. Hey Max... we suggest you decide soon... the stock is running down fast!

Plan your Melbourne AFL Footy Finals Event Now - Hire our indoor/outdoor Bean Bags and kick goals at your function

04 Jul 2011

Things are really hotting up in the race for the AFL finals and the good news for Victorian-based fans is that it is looking like having a big representation come September. So it’s time to start planning and booking your event now so you don’t miss out come the last minute rush for marketing opportunities to capitalise on an all-time high interest in footy.

Uber-sized Screens, keynote speakers, classy locations, beers & spirits, gormet snacks, indoor/outdoor settings and Ambient Lounge® designer bean bag chairs are the key ingredients you should be mixing in to your Footy function mix. Keep your punters happy and comfortable as they watch their teams play for everything. With our bean bags, you don’t have to worry about the thrills and spills (of food and drink) after a bad umpiring decision or a dirty tackle ... Like all champions, our bean bags can take the punishment and keep performing to be B.O.G at your event. Whether you are a bar owner, corporate sponsor or an events management team, Draft our bean bags onto your footy events agenda now while you still can – and trust the brand that decks out Australia’s Moonlight Cinemas to kick goals at your functions.

2011 is a great year to plan your Melbourne corporate footy events. Why?

Supporter Powerhouses Collingwood and Carlton are certainties to be in the top few places and so too are Geelong (yet again). The Hawks if they can get their full strength team on the park are a chance to make it a Big V flush the top 4 of the competition. What a year is unfolding and let’s see if there are still a few twists and turns in the tale of who will win the premiership! Can you imagine the passion and expectation of a Collingwood v Carlton Grand Final? It’s a sponsor’s dream come true and a sure-fire venue filler.

Looking toward the bottom half of the eight, we have Essendon, North Melbourne, St.Kilda, Melbourne, Bulldogs and even Richmond a chance to make it. The Tigers in particular have a long-suffering supporter base who would do anything to be involved in finals action. What that means is that this year it should be fever-pitched excitement come finals time and the perfect occasion to manage a successful sports function for your clients and sponsors. But the key is planning... Do it now.

If you want to book the finals weekends you better get in quick – especially Grand Final Day, Grand Final Eve, Preliminary final Day or Brownlow night. We have added extra bean bags to our Melbourne hire model so please give us a call now to book your AFL footy function bean bag hire, Call us on 1300 707 121 to check availablity and we’ll be happy to discuss your event needs whether you are looking at just 20 or 100+ bean bags

Remember, we are also national! So the good news for West Coast and Sydney fans are – we also hire bean bags in Sydney and Perth. So don’t feel left out come September and get your party rocking too if your team is trying to kick a Vic all the way to the Grand Final.

As for Adelaide, Brisbane or Gold Coast ... Well ... I don’t think you guys need to worry about Finals tickets for your local teams .. But if you love footy and want to throw an AFL party or function anyway – we can supply bean bags in your area too. Don’t be on the edge of your (hard) seat when watching the footy. With designer bean bag hire, you can relax in real September bliss, both indoors and outdoors. 

Babies in our Butterfly Bean Bags. Too cute!

20 Jun 2011
Breast-feeding mothers on the Mornington Peninsula have made a fantastic discovery in a product that they say is the ultimate lounger for feeding their bundles of joy. Called the 'Butterfly Lounger' from ambient lounge and part of their Gold Class range, this uber-comfy bean-filled lounge chair has been adopted by the breast-feeding Mums who say that it is the ultimate in style and comfort. "The beanbag filling was so easy to transfer into the lounger", says young Mum Nicole, "The high supporting sides and back give great support to both me and the baby, but the only problem is that we both tend to drift off to sleep in the middle of things. Hubby loves the lounger too and we have to fight to see who uses it when the baby is put to bed". Following Nicole's story, more of the Mums have purchased the Butterfly Sofas from Ambient Lounge, with these fabulous beanbag lounges fast becoming a 'must have' item for all breast-feeding mums in the area. More points to designer beanbags from Ambient Lounge, whose innovative and chic designs are the ultimate in bean bag comfort and style.

Ambient (Club) Lounging : Enjoying our part in Sir Richard Branson's Rooftop Gardens 30th Birthday Bash.

16 Jun 2011

Ambient Lounge® are proud to be a part of a UK institution, the Rooftop Gardens in London Kensington, where we supply our Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags to the club for use during summer. The bean bags align both the Spanish Gardens and inside the garden designer marquee for specialty functions.

It was Richard Branson's daughter, Holly Branson, that discovered our bean bags and asked the venue manager to contact us initially. Hence, we were delighted to get an exclusive invitation for our UK and Italian teams to attend the Rooftop Gardens' 30th Birthday bash, aligned with A list celebrities

This absolutely mind-blowing party was  a credit to Branson and his team of management. Our own team, led by our natural Ambient Lounge socialite Daisy -  helped celebrate in style with Sir Richard and celebrities such as the Princess Beatrice, Lee Ryan, Jimmy Carr and with Boy George DJ'ing and a roller disco to take the theme back to 1981 where it all began.

You can see by the photos below that she felt totally at home.... er .... Daisy ...... you know this is work don't you???

So may the parties and functions go on for another 30 years guys. Congratulations and hope to keep the punters comfy in funky surrounds for many years to come.

roof garden fireworks

Richard Branson and Daisy Laramy-Binks of Ambient Lounge

Jimmy Carr and Daisy of Ambient Lounge

Ambient Lounge bean bags on roof gardens

Our European Bean Bag 'Conference' - 5 stars under the Stars

29 May 2011

Business. This is how we do it at Ambient Lounge®.

Our European executives call it chill-storming. We just call it being Australian to be able to relax and enjoy work and our workmates. Business strategists say you should live your product and understand your customers, so our crew take that to the next level with our bean bag business meetings. If you accuse us of slacking off then we take it as a compliment!

Whilst we at Ambient Lounge® are not totally foreign to spreadsheets and sales forecasts - we prefer to get our teams into a healthy and fun atmosphere, and immersed in the product when we talk about our business strategy. The end result? Our annual European Group bean bag conference is held in an amazing location every year and always with a healthy sprinkling of Ambient Lounge bean bags. The creative juices always flow and we discuss better ways to service our customers and get our products to market. Teamwork doesn't have to be hard work. Tough life for some eh?

The only bad thing is that it’s just a little too far away for our entire Aussie team to attend... Oh well, maybe next year we will get them over to Queensland or Northern New South Wales and show them what a real beach looks like. No stony rocks or over-crowded sand here fellas. However, looking at the pics, they did have some unusually Blue Skies for the UK-based conference.

This year they visited Big Sky Tipis in the English Contryside where they sampled sunshine, urban bohemian style (in the spirit of Byron Bay) and what they call 'glamping' - which is fancy name for glamourous camping. It Was a stunning place to stay for a few days of ratrace escape just a hop skip and a jump (90 minutes) from the bustle of the London underground and a mere 30 minutes from Gatwick airport.

Our European team would like to thank the fantastic hosts for putting up with us over the 2 days and the bean bag gods for making sure the rain stayed well away. If you have a company conference you are organising here in Australia, why not talk to us about bean bag hire – to make it all the sweeter experience for your strategy team. Companies such as Pepsi & Sony have hired from us multiple times and we would love to help yours out too.

Hey Man... Get off .... My Turn For The Lucky Bean Bag!

25 May 2011

True story: Four well known footballers live together in a luxury apartment in central Melbourne, kitted out with every 'boys-toy' known to man. They're surrounded with the latest in Flat Screen TV's, computer gadgetry, contemporary furniture etc., with Wii's, Play-stations and DVD racks everywhere. At every opportunity they chill out with a few frothies, bet on the outcomes of Video-games, or simply watch dodgy DVD's until the wee hours (unbeknown to their coach). Although they had spent over three thousand dollars on home theatre couches, A month ago one of their girlfriends bought him an Ambient Lounge Acoustic Sofa bean bag... and since then he has been winning almost every game. The beanbag has suddenly become a symbol of success and the guys race to see who can claim it first. Our trusty beanbag owner then started claiming rent for one hours use of the lounger, so the other three sportsmen have sold off their expensive couches and ordered three more Acoustic Sofas. Playing field now level.

Ambient Lounge Elements Bean Bag Durability Tests!

25 May 2011

Ambient Lounge bean bags are tested vigorously for colour fading and splitting they also have a high fire retardancy rating. Many different fabrics are examined and tested before they are chosen to be in our range. The fabrics we chose also need to be durable and most importantly, comfortable when you sit in on it.

One of our outdoor test bean bags has been in the elements for the last four years and is still in pretty good condition with only some slight colour fading due to our high UV rated materials. We use marine grade quality stitching so that when you Elements bean bags are exposed to inclement weather or spills, the stitching wont rot or deteriorate. Cobwebs and loose dirt simply wash off with a hose and stains generally come off with warm soapy water.

To test out our bean bags for yourself visit our website we have a new consignment or styles and colours coming soon so you will be spoilt for choice. For any assistance regarding our products please contact our office on 1300 707 121 or email us on .

Bean Bag Hire Melbourne. The buzzing Melbourne Events & Corporate Function scene gets a Furniture Hire makeover.

18 May 2011

Melbourne loves a good party and a good sporting event. It is a metropolis of nightlife and culture with extremely high standard of excellence when it comes to events planning and customer expectations. This means you better get your furniture hire solution right on the night. Think Melbourne furniture hire? You better think of our bean bags as a unique, stylish and funky option.

Designer bean bags by Ambient Lounge are perfect for those Melbourne based corporations planning a function, Sports event organisers who want great viewing for their VIP's or just private people who plan a big party and the best for their guests.

When it comes to hiring furniture in Melbourne, designer bean bags have to be one of the best alternatives going around. Let's face it, good quality bean bags are virtually unbreakable (so you don't have to worry about rowdy punters) they are super comfy (so you will have happy clients who rave about your event) they have shape and colour (so they look good) and our Elements fabric bean bags are waterproof and stain resistant; meaning that the odd spilt beer or dropped pizza is not going to cause you more than a wipe off with a damp cloth. They don't look out of place in an expensive CBD Hotel Foyer, a Gala Ballroom, Melbourne Exhibition buildings shows, a sports venue, a kid’s party or next to a Melbourne Fashion week runway. Best of all our designer bean bags are a highly affordable furniture hire solution so your budget won’t be blown to pieces.... Which means more money to spend on the good stuff like alcohol or gourmet food!

Household names such as the Australian Tennis Open, Moonlight Cinema, Nissan, Heineken, Mini Cooper, Sony and Harvey Norman all have one thing in common. The have hired our beautiful bean bags or created large Ambient Lounge® bean bag chillout areas for their events in Melbourne. If you are an event planner our friendly team would be all too happy to help you plan your furniture hire and help make you look good. We’ll make it efficient, painless and cost effective for you and we want to work with you for multiple hire events in the future.

This time, size shouldn't matter. We can now offer bean bag seating hire for up to 100 guests at a time which is a fantastic size for special event staff parties, work Christmas functions, corporate brainstorming sessions, weddings, 21st birthdays, outdoor festivals, fashion shows, trade exhibitions, barbecues and other outdoor dining areas, Melbourne cafes and bars, sports events, Cinema screenings or any other Melbourne event you can think of where you want to make a big impact at a low cost. Melbourne Bean bag hire is fantastic whether you are planning your function in St Kilda, Chapel St, Docklands or the CBD we are here to help make your Melbourne furniture hire a success.

In all weather our bean bags are durable and no stress to care of, but importantly they look premium to keep up your high quality company image. Thinking of Melbourne furniture rental? Look no further than our Melbourne bean bag hire division for a better furniture hire alternative. Call us now on 1300 707 121 to reserve your bean bags in Melbourne whether it be for one day, a weekend or an entire week.

Naughty or Nice? Australia's famous Sexpo gets up close and personal with our sexy & curvaceous Bean Bags.

18 May 2011

For those who didn't know, the Sexpo – meaning Health Sexuality and Lifestyle Exhibition – is a four-day public event in Australian Capital cities looking at all aspects of health, adult entertainment, sexuality, and adult lifestyles. Sexpo is an open minded look at the sensual side of the Aussie psyche and is increaingly popular amongst both female and male adult Australians.

We have been asked to take part with our designer bean bags, identified as a perfect fun furniture for those couples that have 'bean' naughty or want to be a little adventurous. To begin with, Ambient Lounge bean bags will form part of the display at the up and coming Sexpo in Perth starting on May 26th through to May 29th.

Check out the Shag Factory stand where the will have Butterfly Loungers and Twin Loungers on display. You can also try and buy our bean bags there - and for purchasers they will include a show special giveaway. Don’t despair if you don’t live in Perth. The Sexpo road show will be coming to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney over the next six months so you will be able to check them out in all of these major capital cities.

If you can’t wait that long you can always visit our website we have a new shipment of styles and colours coming soon so you will be spoilt for choice. For any assistance regarding our products please contact our office on 1300 707 121 or email us on .

Get a FREE SIGNED NOVEL with Every Bean Bag Purchase this May/June* (Value $34.95)

15 May 2011

We have a fantastic promotion running this May June of a free Signed Australian Novel for every purchase over $150 AUD. So get in quick and get your 'A Line of Dogs' Bestselling Novel for free with your purchase.

As the leaves start to fall and the nights stretch toward winter, what could be better than to spend some chill-out time curled up in a super-comfortable Ambient Lounge Beanbag with a really good book. Cozy hey? Well the good news is that now is your chance to live that vision. With every bean bag purchased right now, Ambient are adding value that is going to knock your winter socks right off! For a short time, every bean bag order over $150.00 will receive a free copy of the best-selling novel ' A Line Of Dogs' by Gary Morris. Currently selling in the shops at $34.95, this beautifully presented book is from the first limited print and, even better, each copy is personally signed by the author to the beanbag purchaser, or if you like, to another nominated person as a special gift. Ambient Lounge are committed to outstanding quality, both in their unique products and their choice of promotional products, so they commend this book to their customers as 'not put-down-able', particularly when snuggled in the embrace of an ambient Bean bag. Here is an extract from one press report....... 'A Line Of Dogs’ transports us back to experience a fascinating part of Irish and Australian history through the eyes, minds and hearts of those who lived it. This romantic saga is set in the turbulent times of the mid nineteenth century, when major world powers fought for domination, racing to claim new lands and plundering all that they found. It is a gripping tale of the oppressed, dispossessed and a few who stood up for the cause of liberty and justice, interwoven with a story of enduring love and loyalty. Through two continents and four countries, this fast paced novel is sure to get the pulse racing.' So Guys don't put it off, get your bean bag order to Ambient Lounge right now and spend your winter leisure time in blissful comfort, with your mind in places far away and long ago.... .

What Colour Should I Choose for My Bean Bags? It's all about Fabric-ation.

03 May 2011

We often get asked by our customers what colour they should choose for their bean bags. Ambient Lounge keeps up to date with the latest trends in fashion and colours from around the globe ensuring that the fabrics we choose are at the cutting edge of design, fashion and functionality.

It is important that the bean bag you choose matches with your environment and the mood that you are trying to create. Ambient Lounge bean bags have a great range of colours, we recommend looking at hot chocolate if you want a deep warm feel with a hint of glamour and Eco Weave for a fresh feel that matches well with most furniture. Wildberry or one of our seasonal colours is perfect if you want to add a splash of flexible colour to your living space. For indoor/outdoor bean bags colour matching with the same fabric over a variety of styles is a great idea. For instance you could have an Evolution Sofa, Conversion Lounger and Studio Lounger all in Blue Sky Eclipse (as pictured). This way you keep the same consistent colourway but interesting shapes and contours. For any assistance with colour matching or to get our swatch samples contact the design team in our office on 1300 707 121.

Higher Learning. Aussie School Libraries Discover Open Spaces & Bean Bags

02 May 2011

The appearance and ambience of School libraries across Australia are changing quickly with the modern times. No longer is it the norm to have stuffy old school style libraries with militant-style rule and old-smelling uncomfortable workstations. These days education is a business - which is measured by success - and schools have to compete with facilities that are both relevant and attractive to students. Libraries are now high technology facilities with Urban Cafe chic workplaces where student can enjoy a coffee, high speed internet access and furniture that yields high comfort for hours of hard work. So libraries now look more like large versions of open spaces like Borders Cafe rather than floor to ceiling bookcases like a legal archives room.

So what better way for for a student to relax in a School Library than on a blissfully comfy bean bag? University of Queensland were the first large school to fill their reading area with Ambient Lounge bean bags, resulting in a marked increase in Library attendance and great comments from the students. Word quickly spread among the Education network and now more than thirty schools have Ambient Beanbags furnishing their libraries. Most have elected to go for the Elements hard-wearing material, which is easy to clean and spill resistant. Bean bags are easily filled or topped up with bean bag filling using the patented 'Funnelweb' system and because of their light weight, the beanbags are easily moved to lawn areas etc on sunny Australian days. Mater Christi College is the latest devotee of Ambient Lounge sofas for their library, saying that the students enthusiasm for the products may have been a little over zealous, as one young woman dragged a beanbag behind the fixtures and slept through a history class, only to be given away by loud the snoring emanating from her hideaway. Looks like the humble beanbag has come a long way in recent times and perhaps this new wave of designer bean bags may be helping to create an even smarter Australia!

Our Designer Bean Bags Make a Great Mother's Day Gift.

02 May 2011

What will you buy your mum this Sunday the 8th of May, 2011? Another box of chocolates? Nah .... Some flowers .... Maybe (but is that enough?) ..... Another massage voucher? (yawn)

A stunning Ambient Lounge® designer bean bag is the best gift for Mother's Day and a great way to say "thanks for all of your hard work mum .... Now kick your feet up and relax for a while". Maybe it's not the kind of thing she may have thought to have bought for herself, but once she is immerse in the Butterfly Sofa - she will absolutely love the luxury. It's the gift that keeps on giving for years.

If your mum is like mine, she works long and hard hours and does so much for other people. Selfless and compassionate, she is a rock of stability and support in our family. So it's time to give a little back!

For those stylish mum's who work too hard but are in touch with their inner cool (like mine), Ambient Lounge bean bags make the ideal gift of style, fashion and comfort.  They also come beautifully packaged and presentable for gifts and mums love the fact that they are premium fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Our staff suggestion for Mum's in their 30'a and 40's would either be the Butterfly Sofa in Wildberry, Fiorenze Leather in White or the Evolution Sofa + Ottoman in Eco Weave. You'll just might find this is the present she loves more than any other....


Bean Bag Filling isn't all the Same. Micro bead is better.

26 Apr 2011

Not all bean bag filling is the same, there are a few different types of filling that are used for bean bags but in this case it's certainly the rule that smaller is better. Why you may ask?

Without going into Einstein style theories the reason is simply the physics of movement. The smaller the bead, the more tiny balls of rolling movement that will occur underneath your body that massages your muscles and joints and settles gently into your fixed position. This is why the micro bead that is found in neck supports for long airport trips are so comfortable. 

Normal bean filling beads from places like Kmart and Big W are about 4-5 mm in diameter. Ambient Lounge micro bean is 2-2.5mm the smaller bean is more comfortable and also provides less surface noise;  which is great for when you are sitting on your bean bag watching your favourite film. You don't want to sound like someone is shuffling popcorn every time you move do you!

A further advantage on top of the extra comfort levels as they wrap around your body shape would be that smaller beads are less prone to shrinkage like their large cousin. This means that they wont sag as much after hard use and need top ups as frequently. It's all due to the higher density of the bead.

You wouldn't fill your car with cooking oil so i suggest you fill your bean bag with the best quality beads that your body demands.

Ambient Lounge only sell high quality 2-4 mm micro bead and can provide bean bag filling directly to your door in our patented funnel web bean filling bag. Bean bags filling is large to transport so you will need to live in a city metro area but can check if you're in the delivery zones by using our Australian postcode checker on our bean bag filling page or calling us on 1300 707 121

Bean Bag Hire Sydney. A funkier way to hire furniture for Sydney based functions.

25 Apr 2011

To all you Sydney based corporates, events organisers or private function planners we have have great news for you. We now hire bean bags in Sydney metro. We can cater for up to 100 bean bag seats at a time which is a fantastic size for staff parties, christmas functions, think tank sessions, weddings, outdoor festivals, fashion shows, trade shows, outdoor dining areas, cafes, sports events or any other event you can think of where you want to make a big impact at a low cost. Sydney Bean bag hire provide funk and function-ality and it perfect for Harbourside entertainment...or even down to Bondi. All weather our bean bags are durable and no stress to care of, but importantly they look premium to keep up your high quality company image. Thinking of Sydney furniture hire? Look no further than bean bags for a better furniture hire alternative. Call us now on 1300 707 121 to reserve your bean bags in Sydney whether it be for one day or for a long weekend.