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01 Jun 2018
by Михаил Бородачев

10 Great Design Ideas for Small Apartment Living

01 Jan 2018
by Михаил Бородачев
10 ideas of design living for small apartments

There are lots of ways to achieve good functional design in small apartment living.  With the evolution of technology and the development of commerce come high rise buildings and urban living spaces.

The biggest issue about small apartment living is the lack of storage space. Ideally this can be solved at the onset while doing the architectural plans so that storage can be incorporated into the design.  In rental units, this usually isn’t the case as most of them come bare except for a few wardrobes and the usual kitchen cupboards.  This is when creativity and ingenuity come to play.  Here are ten useful design ideas to make small apartment living look fabulous and purposeful.

  1. Raise your floor and add a platform.

(Interior Designed by Silvana's Innovative Interior)

Most modern apartment come with a high ceiling and this will allow you to raise your floor so that you can use the space below as storage.  We’ve seen bedroom areas placed on platforms allowing you to stow away essentials like beddings pillows or even an extra mattress.

  1. Use the space around your doorway to build extra storage ledges.

(Ledges from West Elm)

Adding an eight to ten- inch ledge all around your door or hallway opening will give you enough space to store things like books and small boxes of home supplies.  Think of things you don’t need on a regular basis like batteries, cables and small tools in a decorative box.  DVDs or office supplies can go in another and even some photo albums or a box filled with your children’s art work are examples of things you can stow away in this area above you. 

  1. Build a loft and use the living space below you.

(Loft Building project by Skeppsholmen)

The old bunk bed concept was a fabulous one and reinventing it a step further by making it larger is a great way of gaining more living area.  Think about putting some drawers around your usual bed space on top or even adding a twelve to sixteen- inch ledge around your bed space which can be used as a work desk area.  The space below can then be used as a living room, dining area or a whole wardrobe closet.

  1. Utilize corners and build a desk or extra cabinet.

Ambient Lounge Twin Couch Sofa in Lime Citrus

There are lots of things you can do with corner space.  You can build a floor to ceiling cabinet to store long things like brooms and cleaning mops or sports equipment like your golf set or tennis rackets.  If you want to make things simpler use the corner to build a small ledge with a drawer to use as a simple work station for your laptop of phone.

  1. Build a ledge on top of your sofa to put decorative items, photos frames and art work.

Ambient Lounge Twin Couch Sofa in Luscious Grey

Making your apartment look well- designed and beautiful is still important for one to feel relaxed and at home.  Adding decorative elements can be a problem with the lack of surfaces to put them on, so building a ledge can be the solution.  Small vases, memorabilia, photo frames and the like are some things that will go well on a ledge on top of a sofa. 

  1. Add open shelves on blank walls of your kitchen area.

(Kitchen Shelves Designed by Liz Kamarul)

There are often one or two wall spaces in small kitchen with nothing on it that can hold some shelves for you to use a storage space for small plates, mugs and food jars.  With just a few brackets, angle bars and some elbow grease, you could have a pretty functional shelf area.

  1. Invest in decorative boxes for extra storage that look great around the house.

(Photo from Mad About The House and Metal Storage Boxes Product from Cox & Cox)

The key to making small apartment living neat and tidy is to make sure all the small stuff has a “home”.  Investing in decorative boxes or pretty basket to store all the small stuff and placing these beside furniture or arranging them in a row along one side of your apartment will make your space look spic and span.

  1. Use multi- functional furniture.

Ambient Lounge Versa Table and Butterfly Sofa  in Luscious Grey

When buying furniture always try to pick those with storage and look for pieces that you can use in more than just one way.  A good example is using a desk with drawers as a dining table so you can store placemats and cutlery underneath it.  Sofa beds are great examples of multi- functional furniture.  A rather brilliant invention, there are some sofa bed designs that have evolved and are now very stylish and sophisticated.  Items such as the Ambient Lounge versa table can also be either a table or a spare seat – adding versatility to your space.


  1. Go for small accent furniture that are comfortable & stylish instead of bulky pieces. 

When decorating small spaces, big bulky arm chairs no longer fit.  They take up too much floor area, are heavy and can be quite a bore in terms of design.  Go for organic shaped pieces that are comfortable like pretty sleek accent chairs or tactile, stylish structured bean bag furniture. The Ambient Lounge Butterfly Sofa & Wing Ottoman combo for instance are a great choice for any cozy corner and can be moved around the apartment with ease.




Butterfly Sofa in Tundra Spring
  1. Stack some vintage suitcases or wooden trunks to create more storage. 

Ambient Lounge Twin Couch Sofa in Eco Weave


There are a couple of neat looking wooden chests or vintage luggage you can find at flea markets that can be useful to store things like linen, beddings and other personal items.  If you think they may be too bulky, think about stacking them to create a vertical looking storage space and minimize the consumption of floor area. 

About the Author - Marilen Faustino Montenegro is a blogger & interior stylist; now based in Hong Kong. Marilen has designed and co-ordinated numerous residential and commercial projects in her 10 years of practice in Asia. She is also renowned as a model and TV host in the Philippines. Follow her on Instagram @marilenstyles | Twitter @marilenmonte And visit her interior design and lifestyle blog at www.marilenstyles.com for inspiration on design and home.



Beanbag Furniture Lifts TV Sales At Dick Smith

21 May 2012

The installation of TV ‘lounge’ areas at some dick Smith stores has proven a winner with customers. Watching the latest 3D movie whilst being embraced by an Ambient Lounge beanbag seems to really put them in the mood for buying. Not only did they often walk out with a new TV, many then got on the Ambient Lounge website to order their Evolution Sofas or Studio loungers to complete their viewing experience.

Ambient Lounge bean bags conquer the Swiss Alps

21 May 2012
by Михаил Бородачев

Our daredevil German distributor Curt races down Pizol mountain on an Ambient Lounge Conversion Bean Bag. Skiing has never been so comfortable!

Testimonial from Molly the dog

15 Feb 2012

Hi, I am Molly. I am a 7yr old Staffy/Bully cross that is adored by my family. My favourite pastime (besides sleeping in my new Ambient Lounge Pet Lounge) is to play catch with my orange Frisbee. Sometimes I have to remind my family it's Frisbee time and show them where it is kept. I can leap pretty high to catch it and of course I have to give it a few chews before I it in front of my mum or dad, to throw it again. I love walks, other dogs, and oh..people. I like meeting new people and I am very friendly. I spend most of my mornings basking in the sun, chasing birds and being my mum's shadow. For Christmas I got a new Ambient Lounge Pet bed, which I love as much as my Frisbee...did someone mention Frisbee!!! love Molly

Summer, Skyline and the St. Kilda festival

08 Feb 2012

Designer Bean bags are great in so many Interior or outdoor environments, but this weekend there will be Ambient Lounge bean bags spread out on the rooftop at some of the most exclusive parties at Melbourne's St. Kilda Festival. It's this time of the year that our staff loves. Great music, warm weather, sunsets and beach culture all combine for long relaxed nights of entertainment and make our work lives seem just that little bit more distant. Kinda like we are on holiday every night of the week. Play hard this weekend and enjoy St. Kilda festival. Here's a preview of something you might see (if you're lucky)

Ambient Lounge bean bags at the Australian Open Tennis: Game, Set, Relax.

20 Jan 2012

If you have been one of the hundreds of thousands of tennis spectators that have already graced Rod Laver arena this week the chances are you might have wandered around the beautiful outside areas set up by Australian Open Tennis Organisers.

It's a simply fantastic event at one of the world's most aethetically pleasing sporting viallages and normally co-oncides with Melbourne's best weather. What a way to watch the likes of Tomic, Federer, Nadal, Djokovich, Hewiit, Serena Williams, Ivanovich (always a favourite for our male staff) and "Aussie" Kim Clisters.

This year Ambient Lounge bean bags have teamed up with one of the big tournament sponsors (Heineken) to give revellers the ultimate experience by providing lots of Elements bean bags in the VIP and big screen tennis watching areas. The feedback has been immensely positive!

There's scarcely a time that one of our Supernova Studio Loungers or Evolution sofas are available - because people tend to get them early and claim them for the day. "These bean bag are absolutely amazing" we were told by the flag-bearing crew that lined the front row of the main stage area, as they kicked back with a beer in the sunshine and watched the Aussie band "The Whitlams" play a set on the lawn. Not a bad monday afternoon really! ... 

For those that saw our bean bags and did not get a chance to enjoy them, it's easy to own one for your own home and sit back and watch the rest of the sporting calendar on the balcony or in your home Cinema room. Please check out the range of products available here on our Ambient Lounge Australia website.

The bean bags that you saw at the Australian Open tennis are Studio Lounger in Supernova fabric.

For those corporate sponsors and marketing companies that wish to brand up some bean bags products for sporting events, music festivals, beach parties, surfing events, outside cinemas, product launches, gaming tournaments etc... please contact us and we will help make your event a massive success - while passing on a little 'coolness' to your brand. Bean bags are the ultimate 'active' signage for events and parties.

Please call our office on 1300 707 121 for more details and ask to speak to our sponsorship manager Gary.

Ambient Lounge Bean Bags available in Regal Mattress Stores (Melbourne Locations)

16 Jan 2012

Ambient Lounge Partners Regal Mattress Stores (Melbourne) - A true destination of premium comfort.

Ambient lounge has recently partnered with Regal Mattress to showcase our contemporary interior bean bags in three of their Melbourne stores. Customers can now go into our selected Regal Mattres stores and 'sit test' the collection of bean bags and purchase from regal at recommended retail prices. The feedback already has been fantastic - because once discerning customers get a chance to sit in the bean bags, they can see and feel the quality and drive away with them on the day.

Ambient Lounge directors agree that Regal Matress is an impressive fit for the brand due to their premium quality boutique products and total committment to comfort.

To see the bean bags in store you can visit the East Brighton, Maribrynong or Spingvale stores. Ask any of the helpful and knowledgable staff for assitance and you will be resting in tranquil peace on a designer bean bag in no time.



Bean Bags As Featured in M Magazine in the Melbourne Sunday Age

15 Jan 2012

Hi All, We have already had quite a few people ring us up and ask us if Ambient Lounge was the company with the beautiful bean bags featured in M Magazine in the Melbourne Sunday Age.

The answer is an emphatic yes. The answer is the same "yes" that we give when people ask us if our bean bags are the same ones that are in the Moonlight Cinema.

For those outside of Victoria - "M" is for Melbourne and is a fantastic insert that goes into Melbourne's most respected sunday paper. For you Melbournites and country Victorians ... thanks for the recognition and we look forward to supplying you with the world's best bean bags and please call us on 1300 707 121 if you have any questions.

Christmas deliveries? We'll send beanbag covers overnight service until 22nd Desc.

16 Dec 2011
Ambient Lounge designer bean bags make the perfect Aussie Christmas gift. Coming in wrappable packaging, with beautifully presented beanbag cover bags our award winning bean bag furniture truly is the gift of comfort and style that keeps on giving for years to come. However you need to know that your beautiful present is going to get there BEFORE Xmas right? … Of course you do. So in order BEFORE DECEMBER 22nd this year to be assured your loved ones are going to get their gift on time. Our warehouse staff are working feverishly to be assured that all last orders will go out on the 20th via our 24 hour fully trackable courier service with Australia Post and we guarantee that your order will be dispatched in time. Orders received AFTER December 22nd unfortunately will not be able to meet Xmas delivery guarantee deadlines. (Our staff need a Xmas break after all!) and those orders will likely be delivered first week of the new year. Thank you for your understanding in this hectic time of year. Any questions or concerns on Christmas deliveries please give us a call on 1300 707 121. To all our wonderful Australian families and friends, have a Merry, happy and safe Xmas 2011.

Bean bags replace desks as traditional schooling gets a facelift - Herald Sun (Melbourne)

07 Dec 2011

Melbourne's most read newspaper, the Herald Sun has today outlined that bean bag furniture could be the way forward for progressive school and actually contribute to a higher learning environment.

Evonne Barry writes: "CLASSROOMS across the state are being super-sized, as traditional schooling is given a facelift. Formal rows of desks are increasingly being replaced with couches and bean bags in primary and secondary schools" . Education experts are lauding the evolution of "flexible classrooms" such as the new facilities at Auburn primary school. Auburn's Principal Marcia Lane said combining year levels in a less formal setting had academic and social benefits.

Bean bags such as the Ambient Lounge Evolution allow the students to sit up in a naturally attentive position and facilititates a less formal way of learning for the children. This allows them to stay motivated for longer and generally makes school more fun.

For more of this Herald Sun story on bean bags, see this bean bag link.

All Elements Outdoor Bean Bags Prove a hit this Aussie summer

01 Dec 2011

Elements Bean Bags from Ambient Lounge

There's no better way to truly relax outdoors than to sink into a giant, comfy beanbag. But bringing your indoor beanbag outdoors can make it dirty and difficult to clean without having to remove all the beans. The new Elements beanbags, from Ambient Lounge, are made from extremely heavy-duty nylon material that can withstand most weather conditions and only need to be hosed down for a quick clean. They are available in a range of styles, including a sofa lounger (studio and Evolution), conversion lounger and a large cushion-style beanbag (Zen). All Elements products are manufactured with soft, ribbed waterproof materials and are strongly resistant to UV fading. With the easy maintain (spill-proof) surface and breathable vent system, these Elements fabrics are perfect for both interior and outdoor use and also great for kids.

Posted in December 2011 By Trish Sara (Decorators Catalogue)

Studio (Aquamarine) pictured

FREE Moonlight Cinema Tickets: with your Ambient Lounge bean bag purchase (Dec-Jan) while stocks last. It's on!

29 Nov 2011

It's that perfect time of year again (summer) and our fabulous Moonlight Cinema Ticket promotion is back by popular demand.

Bean bags and movies go hand in hand. That's why we've teamed up again with our great friends at Australian Moonlight Cinema to offer our customers the chance to kick back in outdoor comfort this summer and watch their choice of movies on a balmy hot summer's night, amidst beautiful garden surroundings.

So with every bean bag purchase from December 1st you will receive ONE FREE moonlight cinema ticket compliments of Ambient Lounge. Your tickets will come with your online order delivery. Yes, that means that if you order 4 bean bags, you will receive FOUR free tickets to the Moonlight Cinema - so this makes a fabulous 'double whammy' christmas present. Give the ultimate gift of comfort and leisure this summer by buying your loved ones Ambient Lounge bean bags and Moonlight Cinema tickets... All in the one go. (They will never know the latter was a freebie!).

For those of you who dont know the Moonlight Cinema, it is Australia's original and favorite outdoor Cinema and is located in every capital city on Australia's mainland. Every night of summer they have a movie running and you can check out your state's schedule on www.moonlight.com.au. They program a brilliant mix of new releases, themed genres and cult classics and you are entitled to refunds if sudden inclement weather strikes.

When you get to the cinema you can always rent out our super comfy 'Grass Class' outdoor bean bag chairs especially designed for low cinema viewing which each venue rents out. Take a bottle of wine, some nibblies and your date or friends along for a brilliant night out. Outdoor Cinema is catching on throughout the world as people are looking for not just a great movie but the total experience. Join in the love by visiting Moonlight Cinemas in your local capital. We think you'll keep coming back for more.

This year's Ambient Lounge Moonlight Cinema online promotion starts December and runs until January 31st or whilst stocks last. To make a manual order or for more information on buying Ambient Lounge bean bags with Free Moonlight Cinema tickets, pleas feel free to give us a call on 1300 707 121.

(Below Pictured : Revellers enjoy a Valentine's Day screening at Melbourne Botanic Gardens Moonlight Cinema)


Ambient Lounge in "The Times" Newspaper - Home Comforts for Christmas

25 Nov 2011
There is a beautiful piece that appears in today's Times Newspaper (25/11/2011) in the UK title 'Relaxed reclining' and featuring Ambient Lounge Gold class bean bag chairs. Home expert and media magnate Alison Cork writes "Discover a chicer way to relax with Ambient Lounge’s Gold Class designer beanbag collection. Using premium sofa weave fabrics, quilting and elastics, the contemporary seating specialist has created a premium range of comfortable kick-backs that retain their contours, shape and style. Choose from beautiful styles like the Butterfly Sofa (pictured) and Acoustic sofa which will bring warmth and vibrancy to your home all winter long". A copy scan of the article will appear shortly within this blog.

Boags chooses Ambient Lounge for Spring Carnival

08 Nov 2011

The Spring carnival is over but those who went to Flemmington had the opportunity to relax in comfort in an Ambient Lounge Bean Bag. The Boags Marquee set up on the hill provided a great escape from the cold early in the carnival as well as the heat on Stakes day.

Check out the Boags stand below and some of the happy customers enjoying a beer on the Ambient Lounge bean bags.


Chic for Sheiks .... Ambient Lounge designer Bean Bags rev up the VIP at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

05 Nov 2011

"Gentlemen start your engines!"

As the 2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix kicks of on November 13th there will be a section of he corporate sponsors track side who will be able to watch it in the complete luxury of Studio Lounge elements bean bags. These bean bags are not only tough enough to withstand the scorching heat of the Arabian Sun but they can take drink and food spills (wiping clean easily) - making them the idea outdoor events furniture.

Basking in true palatial comfort fit for a Prince,& nbsp;those lucky enough to be able to kick back on their Ambient Lounge chairs will be treated to Vettel and Webber with their super-charged Red Bull cars taking it to the likes of Alonso, Hamilton and Button. 

On thing's for sure, there will be no shortage of oil (Barons) in the Pitts ... and those who want to be on Pole Position look no further than the hundreds of trackside Studio loungers with their Chic Sheiks in white robes colourfully lining the track.

Ambient Lounge Bean Bags featured on Better Homes and Gardens

22 Oct 2011

Ambient Lounge bean bags were featured on Better homes and Gardens on Friday night and the article below will appear in their latest magazine. So grab yourself a copy and see how you can create some great outdoor spaces to enjoy this summer.

Full of beans

There's no better way to truly relax outdoors than to sink your tooshie into a giant beanbag.
But bringing your indoor beanbag outdoors can make it dirty and difficult to clean without having
to remove all the beans. lf you leave it outdoors for any length of time, it can be completely ruined
by the sun or rain. The solution? A beanbag specifically designed for the outdoors, Elements
beanbags, from Ambient Lounge, are made from extremely heavy-duty nylon material that can
withstand most weather conditions and only need to be hosed down for a quick clean. Available in
a range of styles, including a sofa lounger (studio and Evolution), conversion lounger and a large cushion-style
beanbag (Zen), you'll be sitting pretty outdoors.


For further information contact Ambient Lounge on:

1300 707 121



Sura the fluffy white Dog loves her new pet Bed .... (in her owner's words)

16 Oct 2011

Our girl Sura is just loving her bed. They are fantastic. Easy to move around and look great & big bonus of being able to remove the fur cover on top. Just had someone comment about her photos I've put on Facebook and ask where we

got the lounge, so I've sent her your details. They are really good quality and excellent size. Thought I'd send a photo of her enjoying her new pad.



Thanks again.



Maverick “The Beanbag Destroyer” can't conquer our Pet Lounge bean bed.

28 Sep 2011

Meet Maverick, a 2 year old American Staffy who just loves ripping  beanbags apart for the sheer enjoyment of watching those little beans fly everywhere and diving into them like a toddler would in a pool of plastic balls at a play centre.  As you can see in the photo, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure taking great delight in partaking in something that he knows is all so wrong (and who could be mad at those sorry puppy eyes).

Armed with the knowledge of his past escapades and penchant for polystyrene beans, this smelt like a challenge to us. If we gave Maverick an Ambient Lounge dog bed, what would he do with it?  Would it survive? And if it did, for how long?  Surely not! The last beanbag only lasted a few days!


Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.....

Boy Vs Dog - battle of the bean bag bed.

14 Sep 2011

Ambient Lounge dog bean bags have been a hit in more ways than one.  Just keeping you dog warm, safe and comfortable isnt enough for some of our customers.

One of our happy customers recently sent us a couple of pics from her lounge room.


Gee that dogs bean bag looks comfortable

Move over dog my turn!

Note the look of dispair on the dogs face, Lewis is almost asleep.