Ambient (Club) Lounging : Enjoying our part in Sir Richard Branson's Rooftop Gardens 30th Birthday Bash.

16 Jun 2011

Ambient Lounge® are proud to be a part of a UK institution, the Rooftop Gardens in London Kensington, where we supply our Ambient Lounge® outdoor bean bags to the club for use during summer. The bean bags align both the Spanish Gardens and inside the garden designer marquee for specialty functions.

It was Richard Branson's daughter, Holly Branson, that discovered our bean bags and asked the venue manager to contact us initially. Hence, we were delighted to get an exclusive invitation for our UK and Italian teams to attend the Rooftop Gardens' 30th Birthday bash, aligned with A list celebrities

This absolutely mind-blowing party was  a credit to Branson and his team of management. Our own team, led by our natural Ambient Lounge socialite Daisy -  helped celebrate in style with Sir Richard and celebrities such as the Princess Beatrice, Lee Ryan, Jimmy Carr and with Boy George DJ'ing and a roller disco to take the theme back to 1981 where it all began.

You can see by the photos below that she felt totally at home.... er .... Daisy ...... you know this is work don't you???

So may the parties and functions go on for another 30 years guys. Congratulations and hope to keep the punters comfy in funky surrounds for many years to come.

roof garden fireworks

Richard Branson and Daisy Laramy-Binks of Ambient Lounge

Jimmy Carr and Daisy of Ambient Lounge

Ambient Lounge bean bags on roof gardens