Bean Bag Filling isn't all the Same. Micro bead is better.

26 Apr 2011

Not all bean bag filling is the same, there are a few different types of filling that are used for bean bags but in this case it's certainly the rule that smaller is better. Why you may ask?

Without going into Einstein style theories the reason is simply the physics of movement. The smaller the bead, the more tiny balls of rolling movement that will occur underneath your body that massages your muscles and joints and settles gently into your fixed position. This is why the micro bead that is found in neck supports for long airport trips are so comfortable. 

Normal bean filling beads from places like Kmart and Big W are about 4-5 mm in diameter. Ambient Lounge micro bean is 2-2.5mm the smaller bean is more comfortable and also provides less surface noise;  which is great for when you are sitting on your bean bag watching your favourite film. You don't want to sound like someone is shuffling popcorn every time you move do you!

A further advantage on top of the extra comfort levels as they wrap around your body shape would be that smaller beads are less prone to shrinkage like their large cousin. This means that they wont sag as much after hard use and need top ups as frequently. It's all due to the higher density of the bead.

You wouldn't fill your car with cooking oil so i suggest you fill your bean bag with the best quality beads that your body demands.

Ambient Lounge only sell high quality 2-4 mm micro bead and can provide bean bag filling directly to your door in our patented funnel web bean filling bag. Bean bags filling is large to transport so you will need to live in a city metro area but can check if you're in the delivery zones by using our Australian postcode checker on our bean bag filling page or calling us on 1300 707 121