Congratulations Cadel - We Aussies got one over our French distributor!

03 Aug 2011

We're big cycling fans here at Ambient Lounge. With many of our distribution partners located in Europe the banter about how Aussie cyclist are ok on the track but "can't handle the European roads and racing" have been a thorn in our proverbial butts over the past few years. Maxime Lesguillier, our French distributor, once famously said "it's less likely an Australian winning the Tour De France than it would be that Fiji wins the World Cup football". Well we have news for you Max! .... haha.... must be some budding young Ronaldos kicking a ball around the shores of Fiji right now. Cadel's won it! Anything's possible!

What we are trying to say amidst this poorly disguised Aussie boast is that Cadel Evans' ride in the tour De France was inspirational to us all. Many of us sat up (on our comfy Butterfly Sofas) late into the Aussie night to watch him on SBS grind it out up the mountain whilst we sipped a cup of tea and ate another Tim Tam. Great to be a sports critic from the comfort of a bean bag! He did what nobody from the great Phil Anderson to sprint king Stuart O'Grady have been able to do before. Win it.... and confound the French all at the same time. All those years pounding the Black Spur in Victoria and riding the Great Ocean road have paid off.... so we offer a huge congratulations to him, his family and team. What's more, one of our directors actually knows him from another time when he was designing sports equipment. He says that Cadel Evans is a really nice and down to earth bloke.

What's this article got to do with bean bags? Well, not much .. but we thought we would write it anyway. Go Aussie! Can't wait for next year's Olympics.