Get a FREE SIGNED NOVEL with Every Bean Bag Purchase this May/June* (Value $34.95)

15 May 2011

We have a fantastic promotion running this May June of a free Signed Australian Novel for every purchase over $150 AUD. So get in quick and get your 'A Line of Dogs' Bestselling Novel for free with your purchase.

As the leaves start to fall and the nights stretch toward winter, what could be better than to spend some chill-out time curled up in a super-comfortable Ambient Lounge Beanbag with a really good book. Cozy hey? Well the good news is that now is your chance to live that vision. With every bean bag purchased right now, Ambient are adding value that is going to knock your winter socks right off! For a short time, every bean bag order over $150.00 will receive a free copy of the best-selling novel ' A Line Of Dogs' by Gary Morris. Currently selling in the shops at $34.95, this beautifully presented book is from the first limited print and, even better, each copy is personally signed by the author to the beanbag purchaser, or if you like, to another nominated person as a special gift. Ambient Lounge are committed to outstanding quality, both in their unique products and their choice of promotional products, so they commend this book to their customers as 'not put-down-able', particularly when snuggled in the embrace of an ambient Bean bag. Here is an extract from one press report....... 'A Line Of Dogs’ transports us back to experience a fascinating part of Irish and Australian history through the eyes, minds and hearts of those who lived it. This romantic saga is set in the turbulent times of the mid nineteenth century, when major world powers fought for domination, racing to claim new lands and plundering all that they found. It is a gripping tale of the oppressed, dispossessed and a few who stood up for the cause of liberty and justice, interwoven with a story of enduring love and loyalty. Through two continents and four countries, this fast paced novel is sure to get the pulse racing.' So Guys don't put it off, get your bean bag order to Ambient Lounge right now and spend your winter leisure time in blissful comfort, with your mind in places far away and long ago.... .