Long Flight a Killer? Ambient Lounge® Bean Bags now relieve tired passengers at Changi Airport (Singapore)

19 Dec 2010

As an Australian, there is nothing worse than the feeling of a long flight to Europe or America where you experience extreme boredom plus an all-body 'hangover' midway at Singapore or Hong Kong connection. You body is aching, your bones creaking, your stomach reeling from poor quality food, your joints feel fused together and you’ve just been sitting next to some annoying kid that wont stop moving or screaming to his unattentive mum. We all know the scene. Relief is now here. Ambient Lounge now have a permanent bean bag area at Changi Airport (Singapore), where relieved passengers can truly lay out and rest their weary limbs in the weightless comfort of our designer bean bag furniture. You can now fall asleep or chill out with a newspaper and a coffee like it was in your own home. It’s a new direction for airports and could set the trend in increasing passenger comfort and overall experience. Today magazine recently lauded the innovation of our airport beanbags, through feature article that stated “for many travellers connecting through Changi International Airport, it remains the best airport for sleeping, scoring points for its thoughtful touches and quietness. The designer bean bag sofas at Terminal 2’s Ambient Lounge are utterly made for weary bodies to sink into”. You couldn’t just do it with any bean bag though. Our Ambient Lounge bean bags passed the strict airport safety regulations as well as using our pioneering design team to come up with a special system of adhering the bean bags to stop them being moved to all areas of the airport, which would have due to their lightweight accessibility. Could this be the future of airport lounges and high class International terminals? Passengers sure hope so. If the highly successful Singapore experience is any indication expect to see a similar Ambient Lounge bean bag sleeping areas in more major airports soon. For more information on Ambient Lounge for your airport lounge, please contact us on info@ambientlounge.com or call our International team on +44 207 1974 374.