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Evolution Chaise

Silverline [CLONE]

List price: 21,990 Р
19,990 Р
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List price: 21,990 Р
19,990 Р
You save: 2,000 Р (9%) Save 9%

Ambient Lounge® Evolution Sofa - Silverline

Full body lounging has never been so good with the NEW Silverline Evolution Sofa by Ambient Lounge®. Take the worries and weight off your working week with a beautiful outdoor/indoor lounger that redefines your home lifestyle. The stunning, durable, waterproof outdoor fabric can be left out in the Russian elements - with the most premium UV rating possible for a soft lounger. Can take plenty of punishment from home entertaining and can be used around saline coastal waterfronts (take note Yacht fraternity) and poolside. Made for 5 star commercial resorts, outdoor rooftop Cinemas etc. this lounger has a style that would not look out of place anywhere. You can also bring it into any contemporary interior envionement due to the tasteful tactility and texture of the fabric.

Champagne anyone? This is your own personal cloud with a Silverlining.

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  • Contoured Piping
  • Elastic Top Rim system
  • Matching Ottoman sold separately
  • Side Pockets
  • Soft
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Vent system for fabric breathability and comfort
  • Waterproof all Elements fabric
  • YKK Safety Locking Zip
  • Zip & tip system to allow you to fill to personal comfort levels
Ambient Lounge
Evolution Chaise
Высота спинки:
Количество мест:
  • Одноместное
  • Elements
  • Interiors
Тип мебели:
  • Комплект мебели
  • Кресло-мешок
  • Пуф
  • Оттоманка
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Evolution Chaise

Product dimensions will be supplied for this product shortly.

Product care information coming soon

Filling a Butterfly Sofa is recommended with 420-450 litres of high quality beads (depending on personal comfort levels)

Rec. Filling Instructions: First note that there are two filling copartment for the Butterfly Sofa Design, on for the back and one for the base (seating area). It's recommended the back compartment is filled nice & tight and the seating area is a little more loosely filled for best comfort & style. Always use Ambient Lounge safety locking zip tool or paper clip to open the child proof safety zips on the bean bag cover.

Step 1. Open back compartment & attach 300 litres Funnelweb bag securely to back compartment gusset first. Zip & tip letting gravity do most of the work.  Fill back compartment as tightly as possible so that Butterfly Sofa frame is firm and supportive. To ensure that all beads compact inside, as the compartment becomes full - you should shake and 'push' beads so that they are able to get in and behind the elastic supports. Pat down the outer fabric of the bag firmly so that beans can shift freely and move down compartment inside. Once tighly filled (so that can't get any more beans inside) close the inner gusset bag and outer cover zip. 

Step 2. Open seating compartment and attach the Funnelweb or smaller 150lt bag of beads. Zip & Tip letting gravity do most of the work. Keeping the funnelweb attached, flip the bean bag and sit on it to test the filling levels satisfy your personal comfort levels. When filled to most comfortable level - unzip, close the inner gusset bag and outer cover zip. Keep spare beads in a funnelweb or transport bag for top ups when the beads inevitably compress a little over time.

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