Delivery & Tracking Information


Firstly, we'd like to insure you that after you complete your order WE make the delivery process as simple and efficient as possible.



We know you'd like to have your order to be delivered for free, wouldn't you?

It's supper easy: make an order more than 20,000 RUB in TOTAL and we will deliver it to the terminal of the Transport Compnay in your city or the neares.

For Moscow and Moscow Region we will be happy to do FREE delivery right to the address.

If you don't find the transport company that suits you in the list, we are ready to use yours or find the best one by request.

Moscow & Moscow Region Delivery:

Moscow delivery (inside MKAD and to the terminal of a Transport company) costs 500 rubles.

+100 rubles each additional unit.

Moscow Region delivery has special price:

  • 1 to 7 km from MKAD = 750.00 rubles
  • 7 to 15 km from MKAD = 1,000.00 rubles
  • 15 to 30 km from MKAD = 1,500.00 rubles
  • 30 to 50 km from MKAD = 2,000.00 rubles
  • 50 to 100 km from MKAD = 3,000.00 rubles
  • 100 to 150 km from MKAD = 5,000.00 rubles

Curiers are delivering the goods from Monday till Suturday starting from 14.00 till 01.00.

You will just need to select the 4 hours interval:

  • from 14.00 till 18.00
  • from 15.00 till 19.00
  • from 16.00 till 20.00
  • from 17.00 till 21.00
  • from 18.00 till 22.00
  • from 19.00 till 23.00
  • from 20.00 till 00.00
  • from 21.00 till 01.00

If you cancel the order when delivered, you are obliged to pay the delivery fee as stated in Ch. 497 Civil Code of Russian Federation.

Russian Regions and CIS Delivery:

To deliver your goods to the regions of Russia or the CIS and other countries, we use the services of Transport companies. Below is a list of recommended Transport Companies that can deliver your order to the exact address or to the terminal, at your choice:

  • TC "Delovye Linii" - calculation of delivery online on our website;
  • TC "PEC" - calculation of delivery online on our website;
  • TC "RATEK" - calculation of delivery online on our website;
  • TC "NRG" - calculation of delivery online on our website;
  • TC "ZhelDorExpedition" - calculation of delivery online on our website.

If you don't find the transport company that suits you in the list, we are ready to use yours or find the best one by request.

сроки доставки ambient lounge

For the safety purpose, your orders are delivered in branded bags or in the crate, by the Transport Companies.

At the time of dispatch, you will receive a message with the number of the shipment so that you can track the delivery status. From the moment of when the goods were delivered to the Transport Company or to the Customer (its representative), responsibility for the goods is removed from the ambient lounge® and transferred to the Client.

For the complete safety of your departure (its cost) by the Transportation company, your order is insured, so the Transport Company adds 1% (one percent) to the cost of its services.


These are all delivered via Transport companies on a weekly basis. Once despatched, you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your goods. Once goods are sent on our system they are the property of the purchaser. To insure your goods arrive safely and will be replaced if lost by the courier, we recommend ticking the $5 insurance option on our ordering system.


Bean bag beans are large parcels and cannot be sent via conventional couriers in Russia. Please note they will come with the bean bags covers. All bean bag filling comes with our Patented Funnelweb bags and will be delivered by the courier or Transport company, who will phone you to arrange a suitable delivery time, as the product must be signed for on delivery. 

Should you need to contact us about your order, please use the email address and quote your order number or give us a call.

There are a few key points to understand:

1. If you are ordering a product from another country, you may be responsible to pay Customs Import Duty in order to receive your item. This is your responsibility and not that of Ambient Lounge Russia & CIS.

2. If you purchase multiple items you will be responsible for the combined costs of Shipping. With bean bag beads and covers, your products will arrive separately.

3. For beads you should ensure that you will be available at your specified delivery address at the time and date of the estimated shipping arrival. This could be a home address, or a work address for example. Our courier will contact you to arrange a time. If you are not available to receive the item, the courier will normally try to deliver your item the following day. However, you could be liable for a returned item fee, as well as the additional cost to redeliver your item. For covers, they are conveniently mailed to your address via Transport Companies with trackable service.

4. If you have special delivery requirements, or would like to add a note for the Courier (for example "the bell doesn't work"), you can do this during the checkout process.

5. For urgent deliveries or special help, please call us and we'll be happy to try and assist your needs. Additional costs for 24-48 hour service may apply

6. If you're thinking of returning an item, please read our returns policy and contact us so that we may provide you with the correct returns address for your item.