Bean Bag Hire Sydney. A funkier way to hire furniture for Sydney based functions.

25 Апр 2011

To all you Sydney based corporates, events organisers or private function planners we have have great news for you. We now hire bean bags in Sydney metro. We can cater for up to 100 bean bag seats at a time which is a fantastic size for staff parties, christmas functions, think tank sessions, weddings, outdoor festivals, fashion shows, trade shows, outdoor dining areas, cafes, sports events or any other event you can think of where you want to make a big impact at a low cost. Sydney Bean bag hire provide funk and function-ality and it perfect for Harbourside entertainment...or even down to Bondi. All weather our bean bags are durable and no stress to care of, but importantly they look premium to keep up your high quality company image. Thinking of Sydney furniture hire? Look no further than bean bags for a better furniture hire alternative. Call us now on 1300 707 121 to reserve your bean bags in Sydney whether it be for one day or for a long weekend. 

Ambient Lounge Bean Bags perfect for Sir Richard Branson and V-Festival in UK

24 Апр 2011

On the 6th June Sir Richard Branson will be celebrating the 30th birthday of the beautiful Kensington Rooftop Gardens (London) and personally be hosting the event. Ambient Lounge® bean bags (discovered in 2009 by his kids) will be a large part of the décor and Bransonesque festivities. Our head design team will be there sipping a champagne or two with their crew. Ambient Lounge UK have been decking out the roof garden club and the Spanish Garden since last summer and thousands of revellers have enjoyed chilling out to summer DJ tunes and live music on our designer Elements bean bags. The fact that they are so thick, durable and comfy makes them the ideal commercial grade bean bags and perfect for both indoor or outdoor events. So Branson and his youthful team have also decided to take our bean bags onto his famous V Music Festival where he is host what he calls his VVIP’s for high profile music guests in a special area where the Spanish Gardens will be recreated. We can expect lots of beer spills at the party and our waterproof bean bags are more than ready for it. Who knows, maybe the next great up and coming artist will be signed to a deal whilst sitting on one of our bean bags? Or maybe Sir Richard will just buy another airline or island? Whatever he does, you know he only stands for the best quality .... And so should you. If you wanna rock out your party or event with some bean bags that wear hard and feel good, please give our Aussie team a call on 1300 707 121.

Australian Guide Dogs Association members rate our Dog Bean Bag Beds.

20 Апр 2011

Guide dogs Australia recently had their open day to show how Guide Dogs are trained from puppies to adult dogs, responsible for the lives and well-being of their blind handlers. Ramona Mandy, Committee member for Guide Dogs, invited the Ambient Lounge people to come along after she had purchased on of their pet bean bags and told us with enthusiasm that her two dogs fought to be first to get into the bean bag bed. She was so overwhelmingly thrilled by the product that she wrote this long letter of recommendation to all of her members:

'Let me tell you about an excellent bean bag product that I have recently discovered which has made me, my Guide Dog and my retired Guide Dog very happy. I am certain that other Guide Dog handlers, and their fur friends, will love these bean bags from Ambient Lounge, just as I did. We all know that labbies love to laze when not pounding the pavements, and will always go for the comfiest spot they can get away with. When I just had one dog at home, she had a number of beds around the house but the one she frequented the most was an old beanbag made for human use. Obviously, it was the nicest for lying on. However, when she had to hang up her harness for the last time, and the new Guide on the block moved in, there were frequent whimpers, huffs and miserable looks from one or the other of them, as one dog claimed the beanbag and wouldn't move off it until absolutely necessary, such as to oversee dinner preparations. I decided I would have to get a second bean bag so that they can both be happy at the same time, but this time I wanted to get a pet lounger beanbag designed for dogs. I figured it would be easier for them to get into and easier to clean.

When I came across Ambient Lounge, a provider of a wide range of bean bag products for animals and humans, my purchasing experience couldn't have been better. I was extremely impressed with the whole process of enquiring about, and buying, from their product range. The service was very fast, efficient and flexible. The Ambient Lounge dog beanbag comes in two sizes, referred to as large and medium. My new boy is 35 KG so I went for the large size.

Of note is that the Ambient Pet Lounger is made of attractive and good quality materials. The beans are smaller than usual which makes movement on the beanbag easy and quieter – a nice thing if your dog starts doing the circling thing they do in their beds sometimes. Most impressive was the filling mechanism – quite ingenious! There is a soft piping system wherein the bag of beans is zipped to the bed cover itself and when you fill the bag, there is no risk of bean spillage. I have had a number of visitors to the house who tell the dog to move over because they think the bed looks comfortable enough for them too. The only problem now is that the old beanbag has been relegated to the second best bed and both dogs want the new bean bed. We'll have to become a two-Pet Ambient Lounger household. Happy Bean bag lounging to all guide Doggies.

Editors note: It makes our team very proud to read this and we are thrilled to have made the Australian Guide Dogs association member happy with our products and services. They area a fantastic bunch of people.

Tips on Pimping Up an amazing Home Cinema Room with Interior Bean Bags

20 Апр 2011

Let's face it, these days setting up a professional quality Home Cinema is highly affordable now to most Australian families and couples. When you have JB Hi Fi advertising 50" HD LCD TV's for under $1000 it's amazing what you can get these days for your money. The same can be said about all the Australian electronics retailers such as Dick Smith, Harvey Norman and department stores like Myer and David Jones for great competitive prices on hardware. However, having a big screen TV setup, Blue Ray disc players and awesome speaker systems do not cut it unless you can sit in quality comfort and enjoy them. Bean bags have become a big part of such rooms and in many cases replace the traditional sofa or armchair setup. It's more contemporary to add an Interior fabric Twin Couch, for instance, than a 2 seater sofa. It's more comfortable, funkier and more practical to add an Eco Weave Evolution bean bag Sofa and Ottoman (pictured) than a grandpa style recliner.

The trend at the moment in Australia is setting up dedicated Home Cinema rooms, converting spare bedrooms or dining rooms into a true Cinema experience. Some large suburban households even have a few of these rooms so that the guy (for instance) can go and watch the football whilst the girls can go off into another room and watch their thing. This way you can decorate your own Cinema room how you like colour and texture wise. The boys might choose multiple leather bean bags, whilst the girls may choose open weave fabrics. Whatever might take your fancy, Ambient Lounge have the right range at the right price to have you kicking back all night and enjoying your favorite shows, sports or movies.

So set up your entire Home Cinema room furniture with designer bean bags for only hundreds of dollars; a much better alternative to spending thousands of $$ with traditional furniture. Follow the lead of Moonlight Cinema who find our bean bags the best way to enjoy cinema viewing. If you would like any tips on the best bean bags for your Australian home cinema rooms, please give us a call on 1300 707 121 and we'll be more than happy to help.

Designer Bean Bags make your home look better.

19 Апр 2011

Often, when people think of bean bags they think of the old blob shape that spreads like a cracked egg when you sit on it. How things have changed in recent years with European designs, sofa quality fabrics and shapes that hold their form now being implemented into the simple bean bag.

Ambient Lounge bean bags are at the pointy end of fashion and make your living spaces both functional and practical. The colours and designs have been carefully thought through to ensure that they sit well in modern homes.

No longer will you have to be embarrassed by dull colours and formless bean bags instead, you will have you guests fighting over them.

As the Fonz quoted in Happy Days “sit on it” you won’t be disappointed.

For more information on the designs and shapes and colours available check out

Hiring Bean Bags for Corporate Functions : A Cooler Furniture Hire Alternative

12 Апр 2011

Hiring bean bags is a great alternative to traditional 'hard' chairs. Comfortable Bean Bags can really help set the positive mood for your next event or function and are virtually indescructable - so you dont have to worry about spillages or bad behaviour. Bean bags allow for a relaxed and casual environment, so whether you’re planning your next off-site sales conference, a product launch, a music festival or a birthday - think about creating chilled out contemporary tone by hiring Ambient Lounge bean bags.

Ambient Lounge is the only bean bag hire company that can provide bean bags delivered to your door in all major Australian capital cities (metro areas). Hire bean bags for Sydney, Hire Bean Bags for Melbourne, Hire Bean Bags for Perth, Hire Bean Bags for Adelaide and Hire Bean Bags for Brisbane. We can hire from as little as 10 bean bags all the way up to 100 and the prices are very affordable.

To help make you next event a success, please call us on 1300 707 121 or you can order on

Watching the Footy this Winter on a Designer Bean Bag

11 Апр 2011
You know the drill, it's one of those blustery, wet winter Saturdays and you look out the window to a very uninviting scene. You've worked hard all week and all you want to do is relax. You can at least rest in the knowledge that the footy is on TV, your AFL. A-League or NRL team is playing and you have a couple of amazing ambient lounge bean bags ready to go in the living room. So make yourself a nice cuppa, slip on your ugg boots ... get comfy and kick yourself back for the game. You can enjoy every crunching tackle, every goal, every high mark and every bad umpiring decision from the comfort of the best seat in the house... your bean bag.

Mornington French Restaraunt La Petanque says Our Bean Bags are ‘Tres Bon’

11 Апр 2011

Following Ambient Lounge's exciting debut of their Gold-Class beanbags at the famous Paris show ‘Maison & Objet’, French chef Phillipe Marqet and his wife Judy saw the range as the perfect fit for their award winning French restaurant ‘La Petanque’.

Situated in Main Ridge, on the Mornington Peninsula, La Petanque is the epitome of French style, elegance and of course… cuisine. Phillipe saw the Ambient Bean bags as the perfect modern complement for his very chic waiting area and is already receiving great feedback from his customers. Judy also runs an exclusive Gift and Homewares shop in Flinders where she has a range of Ambient Bean bags on show, which are proving very popular. ‘Whoever thought that Bean bags would be so stylish and sought after’ says Judy, who just loves her own Ambient Butterfly bean bag sofa.

Merci ‘La Petanque’.

Aussie Celebrities Buying Ambient Lounge Bean Bags.

10 Апр 2011
Rumours from one of our retail stores in Melbourne tell us that one of the stars of AFL football, Lance "Buddy" Franklin, recently bought a few waterproof Ambient Lounge Bean Bags for his rooftop Spa area. Not a bad way to chill out after a hard game of footy we say! Another of our boutique stores in Geelong tell us that a top Hollywood Aussie star grabbed a handful of Gold class bean bags for a country retreat. They wouldn't reveal the Star's name to us but said they were definitely A-List and loved the bean bags so much, he/she came back and bought a few more. In the UK, West end phantom of the Opera Star Jeff Nicholson loved our bean bags so much he tweeted about them and added us. So did acclaimed Lo-Fi musician Fink. Nice to get such positive feedback from people who could afford pretty much anything they wanted.

Future Music Festival bean bag zone

20 Мар 2011

Ambient Lounge Australia recently partnered with Sound Campaign who activated a promotional campaign at the Future Music Festivals around Australia. Lounge areas were set up Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide as part of their branding exercise.

They were very well received & their client (Mazda 2) was wrapped with them.

Below is a photo of a few guys relaxing in the ultra groovy environment

If you want to set up something similar for your brand get in touch with Paul at the Sound Campaign on 0450 907 338.


13 Янв 2011

All Australians have been saddened by the tragic floods that have ravaged Queensland and Ambient Lounge would like to do our bit to help those distressed families in need, especially those that have been badly affected. Our management have decided that during this month Ambient Lounge® will offer those affected substantial cost reductions in order to get them some furniture and a quality of life back. It's the least we can do.

As we have all seen, many QLD homes have been completely wiped out and all their furniture and possessions destroyed, leaving people stranded or coming back to an empty shell of a house. If having a few nice bean bags to sit on can help their morale, we'd like to assist you to do that. Please call us on 1300 707 121 and we will give you a big discount code and arrange for extra quick supply to you from our Brisbane depot (which thankfully missed the waterline danger by only a matter of metres).

Please, please only call us if you are genuinely affected and from an area with a delivery postcode from the floodwater zone. We will asses the support on a case basis and give you a special code to enter or process this manually for you. We appreciate your honesty and wish all families the best in such trying times. Our team know a few of you personally and salute Queenslander’s courage and attitudes as you rebuild your lives.

If people want to donate our goods to people they know at an affected QLD address, this may also be eligible for assistance.

Please feel free call us to discuss 1300 707 121

Last Minute Christmas Orders? No Worries. We have a special 24 hour delivery service.

19 Дек 2010

Worries about last minute Christmas gifts and deliveries? You can relax with Ambient Lounge... In 2010 our cut off date for Christmas orders is right up until midnight on the 22nd December. We guarantee (barring unforseen weather or Australia Post handling mistakes) our goods will be delivered in time for Christmas with our special courier Australia Post 24 hour service on bean bags covers only

Christmas is a time for celebration and relaxation in Australia... Why not do it by giving the gift of comfort of the World's Best Bean Bag furniture? Ambient Lounge® bean bags are the perfect Christmas gift for your family or partner; give the gift of ultimate comfort and style this year and they will really love you for it. Whether it's outdoor bean bags for beers on the balcony or gorgeous interiors fabrics for Contemporary homes, Ambient Lounge has a gift for you. All Ambient Lounge® bean bags arrive in well presented packaging which make them ideal for gift giving.

Want to Gift Give Remotely?

We can also send directly to your intended recipient if you leave us special instructions on the order OR give us an alternate Delivery address. If you have any worries about your gift or questions regarding bean bag Christmas deliveries, please call us on 1300 707 121 and we'll be happy to help.

To all our Australian customers, please have a very happy and safe christmas and New Year with your families.

Long Flight a Killer? Ambient Lounge® Bean Bags now relieve tired passengers at Changi Airport (Singapore)

19 Дек 2010

As an Australian, there is nothing worse than the feeling of a long flight to Europe or America where you experience extreme boredom plus an all-body 'hangover' midway at Singapore or Hong Kong connection. You body is aching, your bones creaking, your stomach reeling from poor quality food, your joints feel fused together and you’ve just been sitting next to some annoying kid that wont stop moving or screaming to his unattentive mum. We all know the scene. Relief is now here. Ambient Lounge now have a permanent bean bag area at Changi Airport (Singapore), where relieved passengers can truly lay out and rest their weary limbs in the weightless comfort of our designer bean bag furniture. You can now fall asleep or chill out with a newspaper and a coffee like it was in your own home. It’s a new direction for airports and could set the trend in increasing passenger comfort and overall experience. Today magazine recently lauded the innovation of our airport beanbags, through feature article that stated “for many travellers connecting through Changi International Airport, it remains the best airport for sleeping, scoring points for its thoughtful touches and quietness. The designer bean bag sofas at Terminal 2’s Ambient Lounge are utterly made for weary bodies to sink into”. You couldn’t just do it with any bean bag though. Our Ambient Lounge bean bags passed the strict airport safety regulations as well as using our pioneering design team to come up with a special system of adhering the bean bags to stop them being moved to all areas of the airport, which would have due to their lightweight accessibility. Could this be the future of airport lounges and high class International terminals? Passengers sure hope so. If the highly successful Singapore experience is any indication expect to see a similar Ambient Lounge bean bag sleeping areas in more major airports soon. For more information on Ambient Lounge for your airport lounge, please contact us on or call our International team on +44 207 1974 374.

Ambient Lounge Bean Bags trophies in Cool Company Awards

19 Дек 2010

At this year’s Cool Company Awards, category winners were presented with a trophy and a very special gift - an Ambient Lounge designer bean bag sofa. Cool indeed!

In what has been described described as Australia’s biggest business awards - companies are judged on their innovative thinking and pioneering/edgy approaches to market. It's a real showcase of Australia's emerging business talent.

The prizes were made by Ambient Lounge, themselves a winner with their Funnelweb design in Anthill’s SMART 100 earlier this year, the nine bean-bags, each branded with the award’s logo and the category winner’s name and accolade, were described by Anthill Editor-In-Chief, who performed the role of MC (“Master of Cool”) at the awards, as “perfect for the office, reception, pool room… or boudoir.”

The "cools" winners as they are affectionately named... were chilled out indeed.

Bean Bags Australia - Relax in the Ambient Lounge

03 Дек 2010

Ambient Lounge® are pleased to announce they will be working with the new Australian online bean bag retailer for 2011. This website will service kids bean bags and dog bean bags as we all designer adult bean bag furniture. Ambient Lounge are committed to servicing Australia with the world's best bean bag furniture and deliver to all parts of this great country. With the patented Funnelweb™ bead transfer system, Ambient Lounge are also the only company that delivery bean bag filling in large bags to all major capital cities. We can arrange Melbourne bean bag filling, Sydney bean bag filling, Adelaide bean bag filling, Brisbane bean bag filling and Perth bean bag filling. Our bean bags come gift boxed in a transport bag which is ideal for christmas presents, birthday presents, mother's day presents, fathers day presents and wedding presents. Give the gift of comfort with an Ambient Lounge bean bag.

Moonlight Cinema Bean Bags - We make 'em

03 Дек 2010

Ever wonder who do the Moonlight cinema bean bags? You guessed, it ... Ambient Lounge®. Every night of summer in all major Australian Capital Cities thousands of people lounge out on Ambient Lounge® bean bags at the Moonlight Cinema, set in beautiful surrounds such as the Melbourne Botanical Gardens and Centennial Park in Sydney. If you haven't been to Moonlight Cinema, we highly recommend that you check out and get along to a summer movie with a nice bottle of wine and a group of good friends. It's a wonderful night out. Of course, don't forget to hire out one of the specially made Ambient Lounge bean bags whilst you are there.

Bean Bag Hire - now Available in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

03 Дек 2010

Hire Designer Bean Bags to Jazz up your next function. Your guests will love you for it!

Hiring bean bag furniture or bean bag rental is perfect for semi-casual corporate events, parties, festival, retreats, seminars, beach events and functions. If you need a high volume of seating on any given day, night or weekend then our bean bag hire is for you. We make bean bag hire easy. We hire bean bags from our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane warehouse - it's practical, funky and affordable events management to have bean bags at your next function. Ambient Lounge® bean bags are the perfect hire bean bags due to their backrest that gives your audience greater lumbar support. Not only that but they look better and more designer to give your event a more boutique flavour. You audience will rave about them long after the event ...

Events manager, why don't you ring us on 1300 707 121 for a quote? Or visit our website on for more information. Our and happy long client list includes Harvey Norman, Sony, Pepsi, French Connection, V Festival, Bacardi as well as countless private hires. Our bean bags are not just super-comfy - but are all elements (waterproof) which means they are spillproof, stainproof and easy to clean. You don't have to worry about your guests being rough or rowdy with the furniture and can relax! Bean bag hire is perfect for office christmas parties, corporate seminars, festival hire, summer parties, weddings, banquets, sports events, presentations, Cinema events etc.

How does Australian Bean Bag Hire work?

You simply pay a per day rate for bean bag hire + transport to and from your venue. A refundable deposit is given back to you when you return the goods. Need affordable seating for 50 or more people? No problem. Just ask us. We'll be happy to help.

Introducing the Gold Class Bean Bag Range to Australia

01 Ноя 2010
Introducing a revolution in bean bag furniture ... 
At Ambient Lounge® the evolution of bean bag furniture is not only continuing, but escalating at breakneck speed. Their Australian-led design team are creating innovative contemporary bean bag furniture for indoors and outdoors, now famous worldwide. 
The new Gold Class range combines high-end fabrics, internal elastics, thick quilting and special multi-bead compartments to keep the form and shape in your bean bag; whilst still retaining the amazing comfort of bead filling. It is the hundreds of internal elastic points that make these bean bags special. Hand made and measured with great precision, these elastics are meticulously designed to give the bean bags structure and offering far superior back support than this type of furniture has done in the past.  Sitting is believing!
So much so that at the 2010 Maison Objet trade show in Paris, where they were officially launched, many expert furniture people actually thought they contained an internal structure. The Europeans fell in love with them instantly.
Home Cinema Furniture? Can't beat designer bean bags.
With technology becoming so affordable now, most Australian abodes are setting up high class Home Cinema/entertainment areas – so it’s important that we can all enjoy these things in true comfort. The gold Class range allows you to kick back in luxury and replace your more traditional furniture without compromising at all on the style. This type of modern furniture is ideal for contemporary spaces and are favourites with young professionals and families. 
For those that always wanted the comforts of bean bags but care about aesthetics – the new Gold Class range is for you. Affordable luxury with premium fabrics and finishing, once you own one you may not ever want to sit on traditional lounge furniture again. 
This new range only has a very limited stock availability for launch. Call us on 1300 707 121 for more info.

Get the best seat for this football world cup

01 Ноя 2010
автор Михаил Бородачев

World Cup Football Fever has hit and (apart from the Stadiums in South Africa) there is no place better in world to watch the World Cup than on Ambient Lounge bean bags. Whether you watch the matches from our favourite boutique bars (like Kensington Roof Gardens in London) or from the convenience of your own home - you can cheer on each goal in ultimate comfort. If you are looking for a perfect present for your football loving friend or partner we recommend the Studio Lounger bean bags.

Ambient Lounge® bean bags are available in most major World Cup football countries.

The contenders:

England leads the way ( where Geoff Whitaker fancies Gerrard’s boys chances to lift the Cup. Germany always give the title a good shake and Curt will look after local fans ( Spain look the goods to go all the way say Jose Luis – pick up a bean bag on ( France have handballed their spot to Sth Africa and Maxime ( will give you some French. Italy defend their 2006 trophy with a team full of stars and Paolo says you can pick your Italian leather bean bags on (

The pretenders

Denmark won the Euro’s in 1992 and might entertain a few wins says Lasse at Australia got through to the 2nd round last time but face a tough group, Ask Gary on New Zealand might become Wolrd Cup whipping boys, but Tim is just happy they are there – see Sth Africa drew their first game and Darren is excited, see Greece, 2004 Euro winners, have been hit economically by lack of money and may also be hit by lack of goals. See for Ambient Lounge bean bags there. Korea have exciting players with heart and Seoul and have been to the Semis before, ask Jason Yang & buy from his sister site at

The Fans:

Singapore are too small – but their nation loves football – especially the english style of play. Get your world class seat at