Ambient Lounge Bean Bags available in Regal Mattress Stores (Melbourne Locations)

16 Янв 2012

Ambient Lounge Partners Regal Mattress Stores (Melbourne) - A true destination of premium comfort.

Ambient lounge has recently partnered with Regal Mattress to showcase our contemporary interior bean bags in three of their Melbourne stores. Customers can now go into our selected Regal Mattres stores and 'sit test' the collection of bean bags and purchase from regal at recommended retail prices. The feedback already has been fantastic - because once discerning customers get a chance to sit in the bean bags, they can see and feel the quality and drive away with them on the day.

Ambient Lounge directors agree that Regal Matress is an impressive fit for the brand due to their premium quality boutique products and total committment to comfort.

To see the bean bags in store you can visit the East Brighton, Maribrynong or Spingvale stores. Ask any of the helpful and knowledgable staff for assitance and you will be resting in tranquil peace on a designer bean bag in no time.