Ambient Lounge Bean Bags perfect for Sir Richard Branson and V-Festival in UK

24 Апр 2011

On the 6th June Sir Richard Branson will be celebrating the 30th birthday of the beautiful Kensington Rooftop Gardens (London) and personally be hosting the event. Ambient Lounge® bean bags (discovered in 2009 by his kids) will be a large part of the décor and Bransonesque festivities. Our head design team will be there sipping a champagne or two with their crew. Ambient Lounge UK have been decking out the roof garden club and the Spanish Garden since last summer and thousands of revellers have enjoyed chilling out to summer DJ tunes and live music on our designer Elements bean bags. The fact that they are so thick, durable and comfy makes them the ideal commercial grade bean bags and perfect for both indoor or outdoor events. So Branson and his youthful team have also decided to take our bean bags onto his famous V Music Festival where he is host what he calls his VVIP’s for high profile music guests in a special area where the Spanish Gardens will be recreated. We can expect lots of beer spills at the party and our waterproof bean bags are more than ready for it. Who knows, maybe the next great up and coming artist will be signed to a deal whilst sitting on one of our bean bags? Or maybe Sir Richard will just buy another airline or island? Whatever he does, you know he only stands for the best quality .... And so should you. If you wanna rock out your party or event with some bean bags that wear hard and feel good, please give our Aussie team a call on 1300 707 121.