Ambient Lounge Bean Bags trophies in Cool Company Awards

19 Дек 2010

At this year’s Cool Company Awards, category winners were presented with a trophy and a very special gift - an Ambient Lounge designer bean bag sofa. Cool indeed!

In what has been described described as Australia’s biggest business awards - companies are judged on their innovative thinking and pioneering/edgy approaches to market. It's a real showcase of Australia's emerging business talent.

The prizes were made by Ambient Lounge, themselves a winner with their Funnelweb design in Anthill’s SMART 100 earlier this year, the nine bean-bags, each branded with the award’s logo and the category winner’s name and accolade, were described by Anthill Editor-In-Chief, who performed the role of MC (“Master of Cool”) at the awards, as “perfect for the office, reception, pool room… or boudoir.”

The "cools" winners as they are affectionately named... were chilled out indeed.