Australian Guide Dogs Association members rate our Dog Bean Bag Beds.

20 Апр 2011

Guide dogs Australia recently had their open day to show how Guide Dogs are trained from puppies to adult dogs, responsible for the lives and well-being of their blind handlers. Ramona Mandy, Committee member for Guide Dogs, invited the Ambient Lounge people to come along after she had purchased on of their pet bean bags and told us with enthusiasm that her two dogs fought to be first to get into the bean bag bed. She was so overwhelmingly thrilled by the product that she wrote this long letter of recommendation to all of her members:

'Let me tell you about an excellent bean bag product that I have recently discovered which has made me, my Guide Dog and my retired Guide Dog very happy. I am certain that other Guide Dog handlers, and their fur friends, will love these bean bags from Ambient Lounge, just as I did. We all know that labbies love to laze when not pounding the pavements, and will always go for the comfiest spot they can get away with. When I just had one dog at home, she had a number of beds around the house but the one she frequented the most was an old beanbag made for human use. Obviously, it was the nicest for lying on. However, when she had to hang up her harness for the last time, and the new Guide on the block moved in, there were frequent whimpers, huffs and miserable looks from one or the other of them, as one dog claimed the beanbag and wouldn't move off it until absolutely necessary, such as to oversee dinner preparations. I decided I would have to get a second bean bag so that they can both be happy at the same time, but this time I wanted to get a pet lounger beanbag designed for dogs. I figured it would be easier for them to get into and easier to clean.

When I came across Ambient Lounge, a provider of a wide range of bean bag products for animals and humans, my purchasing experience couldn't have been better. I was extremely impressed with the whole process of enquiring about, and buying, from their product range. The service was very fast, efficient and flexible. The Ambient Lounge dog beanbag comes in two sizes, referred to as large and medium. My new boy is 35 KG so I went for the large size.

Of note is that the Ambient Pet Lounger is made of attractive and good quality materials. The beans are smaller than usual which makes movement on the beanbag easy and quieter – a nice thing if your dog starts doing the circling thing they do in their beds sometimes. Most impressive was the filling mechanism – quite ingenious! There is a soft piping system wherein the bag of beans is zipped to the bed cover itself and when you fill the bag, there is no risk of bean spillage. I have had a number of visitors to the house who tell the dog to move over because they think the bed looks comfortable enough for them too. The only problem now is that the old beanbag has been relegated to the second best bed and both dogs want the new bean bed. We'll have to become a two-Pet Ambient Lounger household. Happy Bean bag lounging to all guide Doggies.

Editors note: It makes our team very proud to read this and we are thrilled to have made the Australian Guide Dogs association member happy with our products and services. They area a fantastic bunch of people.