Hey Man... Get off .... My Turn For The Lucky Bean Bag!

25 Май 2011

True story: Four well known footballers live together in a luxury apartment in central Melbourne, kitted out with every 'boys-toy' known to man. They're surrounded with the latest in Flat Screen TV's, computer gadgetry, contemporary furniture etc., with Wii's, Play-stations and DVD racks everywhere. At every opportunity they chill out with a few frothies, bet on the outcomes of Video-games, or simply watch dodgy DVD's until the wee hours (unbeknown to their coach). Although they had spent over three thousand dollars on home theatre couches, A month ago one of their girlfriends bought him an Ambient Lounge Acoustic Sofa bean bag... and since then he has been winning almost every game. The beanbag has suddenly become a symbol of success and the guys race to see who can claim it first. Our trusty beanbag owner then started claiming rent for one hours use of the lounger, so the other three sportsmen have sold off their expensive couches and ordered three more Acoustic Sofas. Playing field now level.