Move Over Rover - a story of pets, kids, dog beds and moving house.

20 Июл 2011

Gillian and Max recently moved from interstate, but they seem to have a serious problem with their timing. First, they booked their two very old beloved Basset hounds into a kennel while they moved to Melbourne. When the day came, they found that they had mixed up the dates and the Kennel was booked out. After some discussion the owners found a spot, with a small yard and a large but moth-eaten pet bed. Reluctantly they left their ancient mutts, promising them (in doggy words ?) that they would love their new home when they came, which would be complete with the best pet beds that they could find.

Next, they were excited to discover the Ambient Lounge Bean Bag Bed for dogs and ordered two online for delivery asap, complete with micro-bean filling. Three days later they moved to Melbourne to find that the postie had already tried to deliver the pet beds only to find nobody home. They hurried off to the post office and picked up the two dog lounges only to discover on their return that the bean filling van was just pulling out from their driveway. Luckily they caught him before too far. Over the next few days they unpacked and settled the house, with little help from their two children, who had decided that the pet beds were the best 'chill-out' lounges in the house and were reclining in them at every opportunity. By the time the hounds arrived the charming children did not want to give them up to the pooches, only relenting when a totally frustrated Max promised that he would buy them an Ambient Bean bag each. Within a week they had two brand new Ambient Butterfly Loungers gracing their media room, while the two canines sprawled on their dog beds on the balcony. Happiness reigned until they awoke one morning to find one of the pets had passed away peacefully during the night. Sad but not unexpected at sixteen.

But all is on the improve now. They have a brand new puppy, who is lovingly watched over by the remaining hound. The two kids love their Butterfly Loungers (but still steal the pet beds when they are out on the balcony) and Gillian & Max have decided that they too must join the 'bean-bag' club and are deciding whether to buy a Twin Lounger or two more Butterfly Sofa beanbags. Hey Max... we suggest you decide soon... the stock is running down fast!