Plan your Melbourne AFL Footy Finals Event Now - Hire our indoor/outdoor Bean Bags and kick goals at your function

04 Июл 2011

Things are really hotting up in the race for the AFL finals and the good news for Victorian-based fans is that it is looking like having a big representation come September. So it’s time to start planning and booking your event now so you don’t miss out come the last minute rush for marketing opportunities to capitalise on an all-time high interest in footy.

Uber-sized Screens, keynote speakers, classy locations, beers & spirits, gormet snacks, indoor/outdoor settings and Ambient Lounge® designer bean bag chairs are the key ingredients you should be mixing in to your Footy function mix. Keep your punters happy and comfortable as they watch their teams play for everything. With our bean bags, you don’t have to worry about the thrills and spills (of food and drink) after a bad umpiring decision or a dirty tackle ... Like all champions, our bean bags can take the punishment and keep performing to be B.O.G at your event. Whether you are a bar owner, corporate sponsor or an events management team, Draft our bean bags onto your footy events agenda now while you still can – and trust the brand that decks out Australia’s Moonlight Cinemas to kick goals at your functions.

2011 is a great year to plan your Melbourne corporate footy events. Why?

Supporter Powerhouses Collingwood and Carlton are certainties to be in the top few places and so too are Geelong (yet again). The Hawks if they can get their full strength team on the park are a chance to make it a Big V flush the top 4 of the competition. What a year is unfolding and let’s see if there are still a few twists and turns in the tale of who will win the premiership! Can you imagine the passion and expectation of a Collingwood v Carlton Grand Final? It’s a sponsor’s dream come true and a sure-fire venue filler.

Looking toward the bottom half of the eight, we have Essendon, North Melbourne, St.Kilda, Melbourne, Bulldogs and even Richmond a chance to make it. The Tigers in particular have a long-suffering supporter base who would do anything to be involved in finals action. What that means is that this year it should be fever-pitched excitement come finals time and the perfect occasion to manage a successful sports function for your clients and sponsors. But the key is planning... Do it now.

If you want to book the finals weekends you better get in quick – especially Grand Final Day, Grand Final Eve, Preliminary final Day or Brownlow night. We have added extra bean bags to our Melbourne hire model so please give us a call now to book your AFL footy function bean bag hire, Call us on 1300 707 121 to check availablity and we’ll be happy to discuss your event needs whether you are looking at just 20 or 100+ bean bags

Remember, we are also national! So the good news for West Coast and Sydney fans are – we also hire bean bags in Sydney and Perth. So don’t feel left out come September and get your party rocking too if your team is trying to kick a Vic all the way to the Grand Final.

As for Adelaide, Brisbane or Gold Coast ... Well ... I don’t think you guys need to worry about Finals tickets for your local teams .. But if you love footy and want to throw an AFL party or function anyway – we can supply bean bags in your area too. Don’t be on the edge of your (hard) seat when watching the footy. With designer bean bag hire, you can relax in real September bliss, both indoors and outdoors.