Testimonial from Molly the dog

15 Фев 2012

Hi, I am Molly. I am a 7yr old Staffy/Bully cross that is adored by my family. My favourite pastime (besides sleeping in my new Ambient Lounge Pet Lounge) is to play catch with my orange Frisbee. Sometimes I have to remind my family it's Frisbee time and show them where it is kept. I can leap pretty high to catch it and of course I have to give it a few chews before I it in front of my mum or dad, to throw it again. I love walks, other dogs, and oh..people. I like meeting new people and I am very friendly. I spend most of my mornings basking in the sun, chasing birds and being my mum's shadow. For Christmas I got a new Ambient Lounge Pet bed, which I love as much as my Frisbee...did someone mention Frisbee!!! love Molly