Tips on Pimping Up an amazing Home Cinema Room with Interior Bean Bags

20 Апр 2011

Let's face it, these days setting up a professional quality Home Cinema is highly affordable now to most Australian families and couples. When you have JB Hi Fi advertising 50" HD LCD TV's for under $1000 it's amazing what you can get these days for your money. The same can be said about all the Australian electronics retailers such as Dick Smith, Harvey Norman and department stores like Myer and David Jones for great competitive prices on hardware. However, having a big screen TV setup, Blue Ray disc players and awesome speaker systems do not cut it unless you can sit in quality comfort and enjoy them. Bean bags have become a big part of such rooms and in many cases replace the traditional sofa or armchair setup. It's more contemporary to add an Interior fabric Twin Couch, for instance, than a 2 seater sofa. It's more comfortable, funkier and more practical to add an Eco Weave Evolution bean bag Sofa and Ottoman (pictured) than a grandpa style recliner.

The trend at the moment in Australia is setting up dedicated Home Cinema rooms, converting spare bedrooms or dining rooms into a true Cinema experience. Some large suburban households even have a few of these rooms so that the guy (for instance) can go and watch the football whilst the girls can go off into another room and watch their thing. This way you can decorate your own Cinema room how you like colour and texture wise. The boys might choose multiple leather bean bags, whilst the girls may choose open weave fabrics. Whatever might take your fancy, Ambient Lounge have the right range at the right price to have you kicking back all night and enjoying your favorite shows, sports or movies.

So set up your entire Home Cinema room furniture with designer bean bags for only hundreds of dollars; a much better alternative to spending thousands of $$ with traditional furniture. Follow the lead of Moonlight Cinema who find our bean bags the best way to enjoy cinema viewing. If you would like any tips on the best bean bags for your Australian home cinema rooms, please give us a call on 1300 707 121 and we'll be more than happy to help.