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Ambient Lounge® Roma Sofa - Royal Black You could imagine yourself in a Soho gallery or a Sydney harbour apartment when you sit in one of these chic and elegant Royal Black bean sofas. quality of the lush faux suede lightens the appearance of the 'blackness'
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right places to make your long nights in worthwhile. Devilishly opulent high quality red leather allows you to indulge all the senses and park a set in your living space now. If you have a taste for the iconic and want to
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you will never want to tear them apart. Like any red hot sale or red hot lovers, this special buy "red hot chilli" combination wont last forever so set your crib up by getting a bean bag set or two now.
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subtle scent of really high quality leather. Interior designers the world over have been searching for a quality bean bag chair that could sit just as comfortably in commercial properties as well as people's homes. Here it is. The Contempo is fantastic value when you compare it to like