Ambient Lounge bean bags at the Australian Open Tennis: Game, Set, Relax.

20 Янв 2012

If you have been one of the hundreds of thousands of tennis spectators that have already graced Rod Laver arena this week the chances are you might have wandered around the beautiful outside areas set up by Australian Open Tennis Organisers.

It's a simply fantastic event at one of the world's most aethetically pleasing sporting viallages and normally co-oncides with Melbourne's best weather. What a way to watch the likes of Tomic, Federer, Nadal, Djokovich, Hewiit, Serena Williams, Ivanovich (always a favourite for our male staff) and "Aussie" Kim Clisters.

This year Ambient Lounge bean bags have teamed up with one of the big tournament sponsors (Heineken) to give revellers the ultimate experience by providing lots of Elements bean bags in the VIP and big screen tennis watching areas. The feedback has been immensely positive!

There's scarcely a time that one of our Supernova Studio Loungers or Evolution sofas are available - because people tend to get them early and claim them for the day. "These bean bag are absolutely amazing" we were told by the flag-bearing crew that lined the front row of the main stage area, as they kicked back with a beer in the sunshine and watched the Aussie band "The Whitlams" play a set on the lawn. Not a bad monday afternoon really! ... 

For those that saw our bean bags and did not get a chance to enjoy them, it's easy to own one for your own home and sit back and watch the rest of the sporting calendar on the balcony or in your home Cinema room. Please check out the range of products available here on our Ambient Lounge Australia website.

The bean bags that you saw at the Australian Open tennis are Studio Lounger in Supernova fabric.

For those corporate sponsors and marketing companies that wish to brand up some bean bags products for sporting events, music festivals, beach parties, surfing events, outside cinemas, product launches, gaming tournaments etc... please contact us and we will help make your event a massive success - while passing on a little 'coolness' to your brand. Bean bags are the ultimate 'active' signage for events and parties.

Please call our office on 1300 707 121 for more details and ask to speak to our sponsorship manager Gary.