Ambient Lounge Bean Bags featured on Better Homes and Gardens

22 Окт 2011

Ambient Lounge bean bags were featured on Better homes and Gardens on Friday night and the article below will appear in their latest magazine. So grab yourself a copy and see how you can create some great outdoor spaces to enjoy this summer.

Full of beans

There's no better way to truly relax outdoors than to sink your tooshie into a giant beanbag.
But bringing your indoor beanbag outdoors can make it dirty and difficult to clean without having
to remove all the beans. lf you leave it outdoors for any length of time, it can be completely ruined
by the sun or rain. The solution? A beanbag specifically designed for the outdoors, Elements
beanbags, from Ambient Lounge, are made from extremely heavy-duty nylon material that can
withstand most weather conditions and only need to be hosed down for a quick clean. Available in
a range of styles, including a sofa lounger (studio and Evolution), conversion lounger and a large cushion-style
beanbag (Zen), you'll be sitting pretty outdoors.


For further information contact Ambient Lounge on:

1300 707 121