Our European Bean Bag 'Conference' - 5 stars under the Stars

29 Май 2011

Business. This is how we do it at Ambient Lounge®.

Our European executives call it chill-storming. We just call it being Australian to be able to relax and enjoy work and our workmates. Business strategists say you should live your product and understand your customers, so our crew take that to the next level with our bean bag business meetings. If you accuse us of slacking off then we take it as a compliment!

Whilst we at Ambient Lounge® are not totally foreign to spreadsheets and sales forecasts - we prefer to get our teams into a healthy and fun atmosphere, and immersed in the product when we talk about our business strategy. The end result? Our annual European Group bean bag conference is held in an amazing location every year and always with a healthy sprinkling of Ambient Lounge bean bags. The creative juices always flow and we discuss better ways to service our customers and get our products to market. Teamwork doesn't have to be hard work. Tough life for some eh?

The only bad thing is that it’s just a little too far away for our entire Aussie team to attend... Oh well, maybe next year we will get them over to Queensland or Northern New South Wales and show them what a real beach looks like. No stony rocks or over-crowded sand here fellas. However, looking at the pics, they did have some unusually Blue Skies for the UK-based conference.

This year they visited Big Sky Tipis in the English Contryside where they sampled sunshine, urban bohemian style (in the spirit of Byron Bay) and what they call 'glamping' - which is fancy name for glamourous camping. It Was a stunning place to stay for a few days of ratrace escape just a hop skip and a jump (90 minutes) from the bustle of the London underground and a mere 30 minutes from Gatwick airport.

Our European team would like to thank the fantastic hosts for putting up with us over the 2 days and the bean bag gods for making sure the rain stayed well away. If you have a company conference you are organising here in Australia, why not talk to us about bean bag hire – to make it all the sweeter experience for your strategy team. Companies such as Pepsi & Sony have hired from us multiple times and we would love to help yours out too.